moirai 2

Without his after effect trauma
just a churn of bloodshed, death
eradication, cobweb carnality
and fruitless looting, yet here, in
the here and now, he gave his feet
a rest flicking his ash down the barrel
of an adroitly placed stovepipe, every
so often as needs must, while deciphering
his stars from a filched waiting room glossy
guessing exactly where the promised
rainbow might sit in the dumbbell sky of
drab smoke or perhaps just humdrum cloud
lurking in the climacteric ecstasy on high

There are times when his best thoughts
ones that seem to assume a worth are
merely a pack of feral dogs running free
such is the way of pea soup introspection

In the ping of a carriage return The Moirai had
come to say hello once more, remarkable teachers
their wanton grease lightning notions whirling as if breakneck Dervish’s

He wants to ask “Do I really need to know all that is, or will be on this, the last day of sensibility?” yet bottles the question


19 thoughts on “THEY COME TO SAY HELLO

    1. Fate v Bad Luck…would make a great NFL game! By the way I understand your game has two new converts…the gate at Wembley yesterday surpassed the Rugby World Cup! Not read the TV ratings yet

      1. I asked the butcher for a pound of ‘what’ but he said they haven’t got any so there’ll be no ‘What Pie’ on the table this night! I’ve just written utter drivel haven’t I!

    1. Best you get to the lunch table ahead of the dogs! Our now departed Skipper the Bastard Border Collie once sneaked in ahead of us at a dinner party and ate at least £20 worth of ripe French cheeses…didn’t even throw up either!

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