First Love

On a wet, windy, dark cloud yet oddly warm day here in Hellfire Corner my lovely Shirl, unbeknownst to me at the time and no doubt bored out of her mind (as was I) posted a ‘blog’ – her very first ‘blog’, a thing she has been reluctant to do purely in that she prefers to react to whatever social media throws up rather than play around with it! It is thus I present this reblog penned by one who is wittier, better read and much funnier than this old fool!


When I was 15 I had a boyfriend I just kissed the once. We’d take moonlight strolls and row our boat and talk of music.

His eyes were bright, his smile was lovely but he’d run away from home…so bunked down in the bushes and smelled of rotting toast.

I kissed him once but then no more as his hair swayed in my face. I caught a strand upon my lips and died in his embrace.

To this day I don’t know why that filament tastes of oil. I only know that with my new love I preferred the taste of soil!

The boat was called Luggerbug – I can’t remember his!

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12 thoughts on “First Love

      1. She still has to find how she gets a follow button thing and responds to comments and stuff…then there’s the pic things…problem is I can’t help because I am u/s – enter youngest son when he’s over the fact Arsenal only got a draw!

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