In his backyard George Dubya knew for certain
a most invasive species hid
by the name of common ragwort
so this is what he did!

He called out for his trusty old gardener
told him to go seek and destroy
this toxic weed full of alkaloids
by whatever tactics he could deploy

Yet when said gardener had a gander
in George’s garden so fair
not a single ragwort plant he saw
and thus he reported back in despair

“Georgie boy on my honour
no ragwort is to be found’

Yet G Dubya was most insistent
his man should raise said garden to the ground

Back in Blighty there lived a rag doll
christened by the name of Tony Blair
George Dubya was his idol
and who knew it he didn’t care

The thing was that Tony also
believed he had ragwort about his place
so he hired a mighty flamethrower
and set his vast lands all to waste

Yet just as with his hero
he had no ragwort there at all
so he lied and claimed he had tons of it
couldn’t have people think him a fool!

And the reason for this story
in case you think it rather vague
is that in my dreams I often wish
to see in the International Criminal Court in The Hague

both miscreant’s George & Tony
charged in respect of war crimes born of lies
concerning certain weapons of mass destruction
that never existed; that were but a guise

to start an illegal war campaign
to invade a foreign land far away
in the process see good soul’s blown to smithereens
just so this corrupt pair could get their way

Yet worse still was to follow
in the wake of all that they did
for in fashioning a new state born to fail
the pair inadvertently opened the lid

of the much fabled Pandora’s Box
from which a greater evil did escape
one that showed no compassion
one that would willy-nilly kill, maim and rape

36 thoughts on “TONY BLAIR’S RAGWORT

      1. Wouldn’t it be great and earn the respect of Joe Public if just once a politician said, ‘Sorry about that guys…tried my best but messed up’. We all mess up sometimes and proper people admit it!

    1. True enough yet you have my full respect as ever even though we will be on opposite sides when it comes to Blair…at least two honest thinkers can have an opposite view in a world without going to war whereas politicians these days live in the self same ‘safe’ territory and still fall out with each other!

  1. Well, don’t hold back, Mike. Tell us how you really feel. 😉 (Actually I love it! It’s phenomenal…. but then again, anything that references Pandora’s Box always gets bonus points from me.) 🙂

    1. Odd thing is I posted this not long before the Paris tragedy…the perpetrators born of Bush and Blair attacking whomsoever made them feel better about 9/11 rather than focusing entirely upon the culprits

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