owl folkestone

“Let the magpies wish be sacrosanct
no blindfold, what good his eyes now?”
Nailed naked to a replica awaiting dissolution
no green hill without a city wall for the sorry

Disheartening witnesses all things considered
picnicking ancestors, a tetrad of smirking nuns
day-trippers Nikon and IPhone armed, and the usual suspects

Pinned up high he catches her, front of crowd
she blows him a kiss, throws him the Judas smile
this promiscuous one who has no special favourites
just exclusive favours, silk stockings and a sparkle

He always heard chatter when she played the cello
Vivaldi and snug sex, hackneyed moonlight and
defenceless mattress perfection, la petite mort unending
‘Something in the way she left’ his fleeting roughly plagiaristic take
a billion mosquitoes and itchy fading recollections small comfort
sticky drizzle the wipers hate compliment his unrobed blues
slipping in and out of here and there.

Letters of love, hate and conspiracy
best penned atop a dim lit corner table
She lights his candle, serves his drinks
knows just when to leave him well alone

Blood and blotting paper, his fine art restrained death dance
aesthetically ripe for sensory study is all he has become or will become
he was too easily defeated, only child, china jaw, couldn’t parry the punches
Suicide kerbside would be a better fate, too late notions meander…
“The owl…yes the owl, she would have spoken in my defence”

“The owl and her skateboard took to town
On a half decent winters day
Only the unfeigned one noticed the bird
The Emperor’s custodians all looked away”


    1. My thanks as ever…Billy Bragg once wrote a line, ‘If you’ve got a black list I want to be on it’ …given my politics, my view on theology, sexism, racism, the homophobic brigade, the anti-immigrant tossers, my pro (100%) EU attitude yet finding myself in a small minority having to fight my corner anywhere and everywhere there are times I feel as if I’m being crucified! Hence I offer my thanks to the owl!

  1. Is this Paige? For some reason I had envisioned a elderly lady dressed owl for Halloween.

    ‘only child, china jaw’- this really spun a chord with me, absolutely love it…wow!

    1. That is indeed Paige…took with y new mobile phone thing (a major step forward for me because I had no idea how to turn it on to start with)…so you are an only child with a china jaw also then!

  2. That one line at the end of his reverie: “The owl…yes the owl, she would have spoken in my defence”

    Isn’t that it? Isn’t that the quick take, the poet’s only defense, the only power of the mind over the catastrophe of his own banality? Yep, that one brought a smile to me old lips. 🙂

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