Delighted slaughterers
gifted nurtured knaves
absurd devotional mimics
the black, black void your cage
now you are emptier than before
your whys’ and wherefores’ inexpiable

Aujourd’hui la ville de l’amour pleure
Demain est un autre jour
La liberté est morte
Vive la liberté


21 thoughts on “EMPTIER THAN BEFORE

  1. My heart aches with sadness and desperation. I don’t have words today. Can’t write anything that doesn’t seem trite or cliched. I just cry. Thank you for this piece.

  2. Reblogged this on kinneretstern and commented:
    Reblogged from Mikesteeden.wordpress
    This is a tragedy for France but note that one of the terrorists is French born and was known for radicalizing over the last FIVE years. Wake up. Pacifism will not save lives. Pacifism and passivity will cost many more European and American lives when the bell tolls.

    1. Thank you…your passion is commendable, your frustration at evil for the sake of evil one I wholeheartedly share…I worry though, the ethics of rampant revenge will make us no better than the perpetrators; achieve but a nothing save for more of the same…and here’s me an old atheist! Justice must, of course win the day. Regardless, may good fortune smile your way…’tis good to care as you plainly do, Regards, Mike

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