Lovers with 3-D glasses at the Palace Theatre (Infra-red), 1943.
Lovers with 3-D glasses at the Palace Theatre (Infra-red), 1943.

He was troubled that she might simply reject them
Yet he’d never know if he didn’t dare
It was thus he bought for her a bunch of red roses
In the hope he might just ensnare

The heart of the girl he was besotted with
The one he had met summertime in Bordeaux
The one he thought of as exquisite
From her head to the tip of her toe

Of course he could never be certain
She spoke just French and him not bilingual
Yet somehow he had to win that gal over
Better than spend the rest of his days sad and single

While strolling from the florist to her place
The thought struck him that flowers alone
May not be sufficient for purpose
So at the jewellers for her a gemstone

From the pâtisserie a handmade tarte aux fraises
From the dealers a brand new Citroen car
From the booking office seats for the new Bond film
Determined to seal true love at the cinema

At first she seemed shy and somewhat wary
Still she took all of his gifts with some glee
And that night in the back row ignoring James Bond
She was a wild red poppy to his honeybee



    1. Coincidentally I accidently purchased a very expensive bottle this very day…thought the bill was a bit steep and checked it when I got home…plainly picked it out from the wrong shelf as normally I only buy my expensive wines in France where they are much, much cheaper…such is life!

      1. A Chevalier Du Tour St Emillion – not hideously expensive to a rich man yet expensive enough to me! Could have got it for a third of the price just 20 miles away across the English Channel! I have better ones (not bought in England I stress) so may well have a glass or two this very evening!

      2. So do I as it happens…had my fill now and off the bed devoid of the Valium (Valium of all things) the quack prescribed for my knackered, following the fall down the flight of stairs weeks back) shoulder! His exact words, ‘Don’t know what’s wrong with your shoulder – it is agony I would add – so let’s try something savage (exact word he said), I’m giving you Valium’…oh no, never that…second opinion called for methinks!

      3. She is a combination of mad, lovely and formidable! Yet you know what rankles with all you lovely gals…’tis when I’m ill she takes profound steps to make me do all the things to ensure where possible a recovery; yet when she is not so good she never heeds my advice!

  1. How could anyone reject a gift, of any form, is beyond me. Words smooth as. The picture is lovely, where did you find it Mike?

    1. The pic young Jessica was a complete accident…couldn’t (still can’t remember) how to spell a strawberry tart in French (can speak it; nothing more) so merely put it into this thing called Bing (a singer my mum used to sing songs of when I was but 45 years) the words French Tart (perhaps with intention; perhaps subliminally hoping for something else) expecting a snap of a French Tart (contradiction I know) yet was overwhelmed with proper tarts (i.e. glorified cakes) and not a single risqué snap save for this one I adore above all others! An added bonus methinks. Mind courting Shirl only cost me several ice cold lagers!

      1. Perhaps French Fart is what you were after Mike.

        Nobodies a Shirl though.

        p.s I have to bring up with you the labelling of myself as Jessica, it brings back haunting memories of my childhood, as no one would listen when I said my name is Jessie, just Jessie. Hence the name Just Jessie was born.

      2. My sincere apologies…I have a little grandson called Max (nicest little chap one could ever meet) yet I presumed he was officially named Maxwell yet was wrong then as well! As Just Jessie you could gain employment as a circuit Judge.

      3. No need to apologize, just clearing the Jessica air from hair which I thought was long gone. Obviously some old wounds that needed tending too. A circuit judge, well that’s a thing, pity I have being- in front- of- many- people -talking- fright. Although I’d have a hammer? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad with a hammer.

      1. This old Hellfire corner has the best UK summer’s – even this year – but when the winds come in from the east from Mother Russia those winds bite one like a rabid dog! My son is off to Watford to watch Man U play tomorrow and snow is predicted…thank God for me not going and central heating (we’ve replaced 7 radiator’s and the house is warm at last)

      2. 4 degrees with an icy wind and occasional sleet (felt like minus something and my gloved fingers turned yellow and numb in just 5 minutes this morn)…it is now that I shall find out the true cost of heating this old lump!

    1. …I say nothing re the costs….. I know what that was like. More than our mortgage each month in our last house. But at least if you are warm that is the main thing. Unless we lit the fire in the lounge it still wasn’t warm despite these costs. I mind one year putting the Christmas decs up in the dining room in a fur coat and walking boots despite the heating going full blast.

      1. You must forgive me, I should have been considering the heating cost given the thermostat has been turned on full since the early hours…we were meant to go watch a fabulous guitar player at lunchtime yet aborted the mission two strides out of our front door…not the cold so much as the easterly wind

  2. I guess it worked then -his wooing. I remember one time I had a suitor and brought me cake. My mom says, “Oohh, let him come over more often!” But I turned him down. He went after a mutual friend whom he’d give flowers. So I told her that he went courting me before and brings cakes. Needless to say, she turned him down as well. Because he didn’t bring her cakes!
    On another note, I would love to have a Citroen car! Saw them while there and fell in love with their design. Told hubby that if we decide to move to UK, I’ll have the Citroen 😉

    1. Beware of ‘extras’ you see the French put – for arty farty reasons I am guessing – all sorts of extras in their cars that have no useful purpose at all. Having said that their vehicles do have a certain panache I agree!

    1. It may sound as if I’m being overly old fashioned (probably because I’m 110 years old) yet door opening and gifting flowers for the gals (who incidentally I wish ran the planet as us blokes are crap at it) is and always has been the only real passion I own…good on you young lady.

      1. Shut up…puts fingers in his ears and sings loudly…80 degrees! Not sure what that is in centigrade but recall 80 is hot. We are on a zero centigrade with the wind chill factor (32 degrees ?). Let’s just say they’re laying men off at the brass factory it’s that cold!

      2. Eww, not liking the sound of that! Not a big fan of cold weather. It’s grey here today and drizzling, the word is a cold front is coming down. probably be in the sixties farenheit….ducking!

      3. Oh lucky you! Mind if I’m honest today was/is our first real winters day…even just two days ago my wife discovered…remarkably…a few perfect late raspberries in the garden…even had to cut the grass…so unusual for late November. My son has just come back from a football match 3 hours away (lunchtime kick-off) and is frozen alive…the wind is the killer and the freezing wisps from Mother Russia hasn’t even arrived yet! Anyway a glass of red wine plus the new Dr Who beckon’s (probably be rubbish) so goodnight and good luck!

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