My doctor is a Muslim

my dentist is as well

as is the man running the corner shop

who cares for his clientele


The bloke next door he’s one too

his missus gives us dishes

traditional Bangladesh cuisine

gifted to us with her best wishes


He also owns a restaurant

he serves the best curry money can buy

always stops to have chat

you couldn’t meet a nicer guy


Oh yes, and there’s the car wash bloke

he cracks a joke or two

when hosing down my motor

with the rest of his rag tag crew


The midwife, such a lovely girl

all those years ago

helped bring our son into this world

a Muslim compassion cameo


I’ve played cricket against Muslim sides

fine sportsmen, honest men

so what is all this ignorant vitriol

I note by spoken word and pen


For each and every one I know

all Muslims oh so proud

yet you never hear them spouting off

about their heritage endowed


So take my word as gospel

for even this old atheist

when I hear words of hate being chucked around

I’m inclined to raise a fist


I never met a Muslim

who’s not a decent sort

yet across the pond there’s a liability

who with his gob strives to hold court


Goes by the name of Donald Trump

wants to be next President

wants to make Muslins wear identity badges

shut their mosques and then torment


Like a proper little Hitler

clearly thinks he owns the human race

so please forgive me Donald Trump

when I say you’re a fucking disgrace


93 thoughts on “A DISGRACE

    1. I stand by free speech yet inciting hate is another thing…that great nation that is the US has been – and always will be I hope – a protector of freedom through action plus custodian of said free speech yet Washington…Lincoln…..Trump! Surely that cannot happen? He tars all Muslims with the same brush for his own scaremongering purposes; for his own ends I reckon. That said, my thanks for you valid comment…appreciated.

      1. Those ‘others’ who are not part of the millions and millions of good souls (sharing the same God of Abraham/Ibrahim Christians do) get a bad enough press just being honourable souls and I believe under US leadership those responsible – the idiot, evil scum – (and let’s be fair they, the terrorists are getting quite rightly the bad press they deserve) are brought to justice and dealt with accordingly. Common sense must prevail and the US plus allies can do that without ostracizing whole populations of entirely innocent Muslims just doing what we all do, namely looking after our family and getting on with life…if you were in the UK you could see this with your own eyes…sure we have our ultra right ‘white is right’ lunatics yet thankfully a minority…best of good fortune be upon upon you Sir.

      2. When I said ‘others’, I meant it generally – Anyone who instills violence and rioting, revenge – I was not singling out Muslims or any other individual religious or political group.

      3. I agree, any person whatever their cause, code or creed who commits an act of violence outside of national or international law or mandate must be stopped in their tracks…were it not for the US troops in WW2 God only knows what would have happened in Europe. A lot of Brits overlook that…we might have won the Battle of Britain alone yet for certain we wouldn’t have won the war without you chaps. And a justified war it was! Keep up the good work on behalf of remembrance…a vital, worthy cause if there ever was one.

  1. Trump is a disgusting excuse of a human being. That he’s a front runner to win the Republican nomination for President is a comment on just how deeply ill many Americans are. What an embarrassment this man is.

    1. Oh, thank goodness, however, for free speech. I’d much rather have bigoted pieces of pigeon shit like Trump speak their crap openly so I know what they’re thinking. It’s also nice to have the freedom of speech to be able to call pieces of shit like Trump pieces of shit.

  2. Addressing thousands of people in Columbus, Ohio, the Republican frontrunner praised waterboarding, an interrogation method that has been called torture. “I would approve more than that,” he said. Trump told supporters: “Would I approve waterboarding? You bet your ass I would. In a heartbeat. I would approve more than that. It works.” The Republican frontrunner then added “… and if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway for what they do to us”.

    Source: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/nov/24/donald-trump-on-waterboarding-even-if-it-doesnt-work-they-deserve-it

  3. From the side of the pond that wears America for shorts – I concur. For the record, “freedom of speech” is one of the most misunderstood, misinterpreted and widely abused Charter of Rights and Constitutional freedoms.

    1. If the truth be told I’m not sure this is a freedom of speech issue…Trump can say what he likes. Not sure how your laws work over there yet in the UK if one is adjudged to have incited hatred be it religious, race or gender then they have to take the consequences. I feel sure your Republican’s will come up with someone better…he says with little conviction already digging a hole for the bunker and stocking up on food…ever hopeful me! Regardless the point you have made is much appreciated and informative…my thanks

      1. I’m from Canada and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms does enshrine ‘freedom of speech’ but there are instances where someone like that fool Trump could be told to shut up. The instance you referred to in your poem (which I loved by the way!) sounds like inciting hatred to me. Given the way ‘ordinary’ people will believe whatever line of shite they’re fed just in ordinary circumstances; I shudder to think what uninformed, fearful people will believe. People like ‘The Donald’ make me weep for the future of Humanity!

      2. Sorry I missed this in last evenings flurry of activity! My apologies. You are Karin entirely spot on in what you say…Trump will I trust be ‘trumped’ when the good of America have their say…he makes Ms Palin sound reasonable and that’s no mean feat! That he wears a syrup (Cockney slang for ‘wig’) is crime enough let alone opening his mouth! Have the most splendid day…I’m off to take coffee now!

      1. I’m sure we could easily fill in the blanks with plenty of random people and have the same results….or, well, we do have you and I in there (and let’s not forget Raj), so let’s just say half a million.

      2. Never forget Raj…an officer and a gentleman…and a curry maker exceptional…bollocks to Trump and his Islamophobia…the US is worth much more than him! Sorry I feel compelled to add ‘twat’ when talking of Trump!

    1. Couldn’t agree more…the evil of Paris along with the bombings in Beirut around the same time were not carried out by the millions of regular kindly folk Muslims who like you and I just get about their days trying to earn a crust…I guess because we are a mongrel breed in a multicultural society over here I get to meet more Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians etc and the ever growing community of atheists (I am one) and know, at heart we all share the same values.

      1. I’ve lived all over the U.S. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know people of all ethnicities and faiths. Thank goodness! Otherwise I might have been seduced by Trump or another of his ilk. You’d have been amused by my first introduction to an atheist. I’m sure he noted the look of horror on my face when he introduced himself as such. We became very good friends and I came to some pretty clear understandings of people and their religions. I’m much more of a spiritual person now, not given to any prescribed form of worship.

      2. Then good be on you. I am a non-confrontational atheist…each to their own bloke. So long as one’s values are essentially good then, as goes the Metallica song, ‘Nothing Else Matters’…a glass of red beckons…have a splendid day ’tis evening here.

  4. he’s not as bad as his headlines – I don’t believe he’s racist or an islamophobe – just a stupid asshole trying to tap into widespread fears about national security (as if there ever was such a thing) by cranking out exaggerated rhetoric – and he’s killing the legitimate conservative agenda, virtually guaranteeing a liberal victor in the general election

    1. I have followed a few Republican candidates debates and from my (arguably selfish) position the younger Bush lad looks and sounds more like his father (a thinker and I never had a bad thing to say about his foreign policy, especially so following the completion of the job in Kuwait per the UN mandate rather than rage war in Iraq…an honourable man) rather than brother George W. As I made mention in another comment ‘Washington, Lincoln…a whole host of others who ensured the US was the envy of the planet – anyone one from the outside looking in who denies this is a liar – …………..then Trump’ does not compute.

  5. I’d recommend that video Heriod mentioned unless you have hypertension already… And even worse, watch the faces of his fans in the audience. I fear they are simple morons…

    1. What a line Rachael, ‘I fear they are simply morons’…trust you to get it spot on in so few words…you have the gift…I can’t do anything like that…had a go privately for about three weeks…each and every one rubbish!

    1. Cheers Peter…just an over swiftly bit to appease my rage. By the way my Arsenal supporting son went to the Watford/United game and is dying of cold even now as I write…after this weekend I’m thinking he needs a dose of Valium!

    1. Agreed…he’s the sort of person who would, I think, have felt at home back in 1930’s Europe when it was all starting to go wrong! Still at least my beloved Arsenal beat Zagreb last evening! A cheap shot…please forgive!

    1. I’ve yet to try ‘painting with a grin’…I’ve yet to try painting if the truth be told so I’m off to tell Shirl to throw the brushes away (could save a small fortune) don a smile, plunge her face into the tin and get on with painting the loo. Did I mention this old house has 6 loo’s, 2 baths and 5 showers! It used to be a guest house back in the day, at first we were going to cull some yet have grown to rather like them…a talking point! Moreover as a dedicated strong pulse curry scoffer they already have a place in my heart!

      1. Abso you could save a lot of dosh. Alternatively you could haul the other five loos out. Just dinnae use Johnstone’s paint. I am on the fourth coat of it in oor loo. So far have only painted half a wall.

      2. It sounds odd yet with 5 of the loo’s being with showers roomed off in bedrooms as en suites we’ve decided to pretend to be ‘posh’ – if only they knew! I shal warn Shirley about the paint as that’s her territory!

  6. well said, Mike – couldn’t agree more

    I’m in a similar position. My next door neighbour, too, is muslim and whenever his wife cooks a vegetarian dish he brings some around for me to share 😆

    I live in a part of Brum with a large muslim population and all the muslims I interact with on a daily basis are without exception kind, courteous, and polite

    I am an atheist so do not share their belief in a God but I have never met with any negativity because I deny the existence of Allah – I have had many enjoyable conversations (not arguments!) about religious beliefs and practices with my muslim friends and neighbours

    all conducted without rancour

    it pisses me off, right royally, that some folk (generally those who don’t live alongside, work with, or personally know any muslims slag off muslims because some demented arseholes commit terrorist atrocities in the name of Islam

    the correct reaction to IS atrocities is to forge closer bonds between muslims and non-muslim communities in defiance of IS attempt to sow hatred and mistrust of muslims in western countries as a means to drive disaffected youths into joining their terrorist organisation

    meanwhile, the prospect of Donald Trump, or any other rabid islamophobic politician becoming President of the United States scares the shit out of me for what it means for the safety of the world !!

    1. Duncan Sir I could not have put it better! Blindingly comprehensive statement of exactly how I feel! My mate Raj is a diamond geezer; I am a non-confrontational atheist; he and I chat about religion as he is so very curious as to how I came to my view…he can’t quite understand that I feel I was ‘groomed’ by teachers at a C of E school into believing a legend (nothing more) to be true as a crime (up there with other ‘grooming’ crimes in my book) yet has no problem with my belief nor I with his. Whatever, well said!

      1. I like your phrase ‘non-confrontational atheist’

        as an atheist, it bewilders me at times that I have some friends who are devout christians or muslims

        but I take the view that neither of us can know who is right in what we believe so while I am happy to have conversations about our respective beliefs, I never attempt to persuade believers to my point of view since I am mindful of the fact that I may be wrong in thinking there is no GOD and if I am then I do not want to be responsible for turning a friend away from the path of truth

      2. Almost 100% with you in that I will not lay my view upon others…yet in the privacy of my head I know the legend sold as history written donkey’s years after the event are in simple terms utter bollocks. A Christian recently said to me that there is more history supporting the existence of Jesus than there is that of Napoleon!!!!! Out of politeness I refrained from reaction…they had not lost the ‘grooming’ of their formative years as yet…probably never will.

    1. Then I shall cast the first stone (metaphorically of course!). I live by strict rules of circumstance and judge evil as I see it and Trump is evil with the potential to defy the progression of evolution…in my considered opinion and with respect to yours Sir!

      1. These days the biggest evil are those who are incompetent to run a country.Who uphold the climate change and down play the massacres of the Islamic terrorism,ISIS,.Burning people,drowning people,decapitating people,selling people people ,raping small girls and boys.They all believe in one Islamic book.There are 4.5 Million Muslims in England,% million in Germany ,5 million in France ,10 millions others around Europe .Massacres in Egypt,Lebanon ,Paris, Tunisia,Mali this is the real evil which is threatening the very existence of every decent human being.

      2. Plainly I disagree with what I see as a blinkered view yet each to their own and, importantly I forgive you! There is evil in each and every code or creed if you have the desire to see it. I repeat, ‘I forgive you’ yet will you forgive me?

  7. I’m disgusted too. He’s only pulling 1/3 of “the base,” which is a minority of the repubs. And they’re a minority of the whole electorate, so there’s the math. But they are whipping up nativists, our very own Mosley. At least a rational person is still in the White House, or I wouldn’t be able to show my face.

  8. Big Bear
    We ignored you after 22 – 30 million died
    in World War II. Favored China, reliably
    corrupt, into having a Feudal class, but you lacked
    the prowess to extract your own oil, we could still
    do oil business with you, Big Bear, but the rest
    went to China: the shipping, manufacturing, even
    new mergers wherein Chinese firms now own Volvo
    and the PC division of IBM! So Sochi was to be
    Putin’s horse, so someone burned Kiev right then!
    (CIA?) Distressed, due to the viciousness of events
    Around the globe, neighborhood, we divert attention
    from our own digression at home to a potential
    (yet again) war in a third party’s country, Ukraine,
    which NATO is willing to exterminate in order to lure
    today’s tanks into a larger skirmish in case the ISIS
    crisis flames out. Gotta have back up wars and back
    them up in case the main wars sputter. It’s a new
    Pentagon directive, as witnessed by the annual troop
    and ship movements every March on the North/South
    Korean border. Tom “Obama-Hawk” drones fly again.

    Carolina Wren

    This time a solitary wren perches on
    power lines that divide purple-blue sky,
    slicing rhombi, diamonds, thin rectangles,
    pushing geometry into a regular autumn
    morning. This makes you wonder how birds
    keep their feet warm in countries with no
    power, or how people survive on a hundred
    bucks a year, or where refugees go when war
    hits. Our wren flies, a speck, ever smaller
    as she finds her way. Given our superior
    brain capacity, how is it we cause misery
    across the planet while creatures so small
    live, content to take their share peacefully?

    1. I have been pondering upon your words over coffee. Magnificently scattered words indeed…paints a whole host Eastman colour video images…scroll back time, scroll forward again…newsreel…then and now…what might or might not be. Don’t know what to say other than this is likely better than any post I shall read this day!

    1. Generally he is the subject of much satire over here…although we do have an ultra-right, racist, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant mob of idiots calling themselves ‘Britain First’ over here that somewhat concern me.

  9. Genocide, Slavery, Greed

    We cry for the slavery that led to such wealth,

    This is not just the land of the free.

    We witness genocide all over this earth.

    What can we do to end greed?

    We cry for the land, full of modified crops

    We must work to save human life.

    What will our grandchildren have to live through

    Since our appetite causes such strife?

    The oil wars that started a decade ago

    Have moved toward the Caspian Sea.

    We are the dissidents, loud, without fear,

    Even if we are cut at the knees.

    We cry for the news they keep off TV,

    The grapevine could snap any day.

    Disinformation is the age we live in,

    So who’s going to show us the way?

    The answer is simple, we grow as a team,

    A new brotherhood in the light.

    We must build the village, invite all your friends,

    This is no time to give up the fight!

    They have all the bombs, the juntas abound,

    Monsanto is spraying the poor.

    We must dig our hands into arable land

    Or genetics will foul every spore.

    Profit mongers have sucked the earth dry,

    We must reclaim all that we can.

    Industrial China, the last frontier,

    Soon money will own every man.

    The kids on the streets are locked-down together,

    Push a bike, and you could get ten years!

    All this is forced because we stopped caring,

    Yet some offer blood, sweat and tears.

    We couldn’t stop bosses from shipping our jobs,

    The replacement is for-profit jails.

    Our schools are rotting, so teach if you can,

    Where it counts, not Harvard or Yale.

    The time is upon us, united as friends

    We can make anything grow.

    Come join the party, sing and dance all the day,

    Tomorrow we get out the vote.

    We cry for the genocide, slavery, greed

    That persists after thousands of years.

    It’s late, but there’s time, if we really work hard

    We can stop the torrent of tears.

    1. The legend of Cain and Abel and thereafter, nothing can be ‘better than before’ nor ‘better before’ I think…it is the way of things insofar as the conscious mind determines…oddly I have been penning a thing re the British Empire and its silly role in globalising the material things at the expense of humanity…not finished as yet as draft one is shit! Best of good fortune.

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