Lucid in his coma
contradiction paralysis
devices that go ‘ping’
would never detect
ubiquity his best kept disguise

A malignant mortality
a thriving world apart
impalpable his hush-hush head
but oh what a life he lives there
lust, love and something in-between
starlets and a sweethearts rebuke
yes dreams within dreams also
Icarus wings in weightlessness ascending
damsels in distress and slaying dragons

Unbeknownst to the one dabbing eyes
who sits beside a plastic tube maze cot
she’s in there too, elfin in the morning
jezebel come night-time
no bankrupt cerebrum
the veiled light shines golden within


40 thoughts on “LUCID IN HIS COMA

    1. No worries (am I Australian…don’t think so) just the musings of an old atheist who albeit accepting science as my bottom line sometimes wonders about coma’s and what goes on inside the heads of the afflicted…thank you for your concern regardless.

  1. A plastic tube maze cot- now that’s something I’d love to see. The message in the yellow cloud is a nice touch too.

    1. Just a musing upon a thought…not been in a coma yet (thankfully) but years ago with the wretched meningitis had some amazing dreams that have made me ponder the coma thing ever since! Still enough of that for I note you posted earlier so shall flit off for a read. The pickled herring is done…nearly posted it yesterday yet as leaving the house to watch the Bond film Shirley said the ending was rubbish…harsh but true…so some tweaks for the time traveller in order!

      1. I too think about comas. Mostly the fact of being somewhere and then all of a sudden waking up in hospital. Happened to a close friend.

        Pickled herring?

        If your going to see the film does that mean Shirley has already seen it?

      1. No she is famous for her ‘accidents’! Have I told you previous about the time (rare time as she hates shopping) she was in Tesco’s (or somewhere similar) with a French bread stick under her arm. Thrice in various aisles she inadvertently prodded the same bloke with the bread. In the checkout queue she did it again…he took it off her and snapped it in two over his knee then handed it back. Normally she would have done something akin to reducing his future attempts at procreation yet in this instant she fell about laughing to the extent she had to cross her legs!

  2. Beautiful writing Mike, a dream in a dream…such a fantastic line. One of my favorite poems is about dreams by Poe, it’s actually the only one he has out there that I really like. You done good here! Hats off!

    1. Thank you…interesting you picked up on a dream within a dream for I have been having those a couple of nights a week for many years…more often than not when the second dream ends I go back to the first and presume I’m awake! I’m so used to them now I rather enjoy them…thought everybody had them yet most just shake their heads and think me odd!

      1. I rarely dream these days, but would not mind this experience you describe. Think you strange? Of course we do…would you have it any other way?

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