Being left-handed can be a right pain in the arse in a world where everything is engineered with the right-handed in mind. I know this because I am a lefty (in both senses of the word). Moreover when a lefty well and truly knackers his left arm to the extent that his missus quite understandably … More A CAFÉ TO THINK IN


Within his tavern of imaginings, out of body looking further outwards indulgence his shy waitress serving up a comedy of realities actualities that would censure his each and every manipulation Dreamlands purple anecdotes a sometimes painkiller save for when The Master of Suspense visits unannounced, then all is a mere twisted and spoiled incidental lecherous … More PARALLEL IMAGININGS


In the days when possessing the Seven Seas meant domination of the globe and almost all things therein and thereupon there was once an Englishman who could neither swim nor tell stern from bow, who suffered seasickness and always put his back out climbing into a hammock To those prepared to take heed of his … More TOPSY’S PUZZLEMENT


They lie about their mistresses their expenses, their principles yet when it comes to taxing ‘us’ I’m afraid they do not lie at all   Wealth tax, stealth tax, income tax they have ‘us’ each and everyway yet when some poor sod’s made redundant they turn a blind eye, look away   Foreign policy in … More MALE POLITICIANS