Had he been endowed with a shaving mirror then likely his bedraggled beard would not have housed woodlice and other isopod crustacean chums. Plainly to be the proud owner of a razor, scissors also would perhaps be an impeccable thing.  As it stood the man of just flesh, bone and an inordinate amount of facial hair (sadly he was, a few stray wisps aside, as bald as a coot on top) had none of these things. Yet that was yesterday’s contemplative thought. This day Miss (irksome) Clever Clogs in her finery would pay one of her regular vexatious visitations; would invade his cherished space; upset the apple cart per usual. A part of him wanted to tell her to ‘fuck off’, good manners and a lonely contradictory solitude ensured otherwise.

“Look what do you see?” 

“Me? So the big I am…the she who knows everything wants to know what I see. That’s a first, one for the record books alright…so then I’ll tell you what I see in this thing before me…‘got lucky’ smashed ceramics…how about you?” 

“God you are the most soulless man ever to have lived…this thing we are looking at is a superlative, crafted mosaic…anyway if you don’t like it why do you keep it?” 

“Never said I didn’t like it. You’ll see, when the clock strikes midnight all will be revealed…I know I’m right you just wait.” 

“If you think I’m hanging around another bloody seven hours until midnight you’ve another think coming.” 

“Who’s the soulless one now…metaphor woman, metaphor…come the end of time you’ll see this ‘thing’ is merely what it is. Like I said ‘got lucky’ smashed ceramics the previous tenant left behind.” 

“Bollocks. Someone must have made it, as in pieced it together…it’s obvious. You’re quite mad you know…I’m afraid I’ll have to throw away the key this time.” 

With that Miss Clever Clogs in her finery…he never did know if she had a name…left his cheerless cage for the very last time, made a show of locking the high-rise dungeon door behind her…even kicked his slops bucket over his fetid, long laid ‘once upon a time’ fresh straw mattress on the way out. His heart sank more than a little as he heard the resounding splosh of the gaol key plonking into the still water moat below the ramparts into that place the venerable croc’s hold court, and only the cadaverous were without qualms.

55 thoughts on “SMASHED CERAMICS

      1. I do like croc’s in a moat. Sorry to be awhile replying. Fecking wordpress have done something with all my notifications. Managed to get these ones at least .

      1. In 1978 (when such things still amused me) the boys from Tonbridge Public School raided my garden and nicked the entire crop (cancel ‘crop’ replace with ‘set of tiles’!

      2. You mean Pilton? I live just on the other side of the hill and can smell the kilns once they’re fired up in June – high up on the hill, so to speak.

    1. My thanks…I rather like that line a lot! Indeed feel a skit coming on! As to this piece all I can say by way of apology is such is the way with a poor mans take on theology…I never could get it right!

    1. It is true that is…fear can be funny…only just late August (I think) it was when she found me a the bottom of the stairs upon discovering my modesty (pending the ambulance or the hearse) needed a semblance of propriety and covered me with a wretched (small) kitchen towel we still had a jolly good laugh about it, even at the time I regained consciousness!

    1. The demise of the Crown concluding the end of The English Civil War…born out much later perhaps with Lewis Carroll’s Alice having a chat with Humpty…fantastic dialogue…one of my favourite bits of writing.

      1. Very Shakespearian that is…’O, my mind is spinning’…love it. It’s the eyes of his followers (another of my blogging chums noticed this before me) that worries me. America is rightly the leader of the West. I respect America enormously, you saved this island nation in two world wars, so you chaps and gals have to stop this man at the ballot box…even our PM (a tad right himself) thinks what Trump latest outburst said is unacceptable…crikey we’ll be out of NATO and aligned with China soon! Not good.

      2. Surely not out of NATO and aligned with China! The west must pull together or we gals will all be wearing burkas. Trump is a blow-hard, a loose cannon, he is angry and playing on the anger that is rife here. Our choices for president are pathetic. Trump has nothing to lose and I think it is a game for him (he is probably bored) though he has no political background he is very powerful in that John Doe is tired of the washington insiders. There are many hawks here, I recognize the “look” of the lemmings. However, our system is set in such a way that his wild ideas must pass through our congress., though it is filled with right wingers at the moment and because Obama has lost the trust of his constituents it is likely to remain so and a republican president is far from out of the question this go round. Btw, I am a liberal growing tired of the rioting, looting, and justifications for it coming from our present administration. Now I am looking for expert on foreign policy and homeland security issues. My question would be: in the eyes of the world, can the US ever “do right”, we seem damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

  1. Christmas love
    spreads joyfully to
    friends, new and old, as
    natural as mountain streams
    flow under

    ice and snow
    still moving, to join.
    comes from sharing a
    round table. Buddha

    Jesus, Confucius,
    Abraham, Gandhi
    and Luther invite a pope
    to break bread

    under one God
    that all pray to here
    in Gwangju,
    there in Amsterdam,
    and Davao, where the

    hunt for food
    and water reverts to old
    ways, not the
    usual Christmas,
    but children scramble

    for goodies
    like coconuts, fruit, rare meat
    while we feast
    on turkey, baked so
    well, spring rolls folded

    and rolled by
    hands so delicate you can’t
    what they’ve done. Merry
    Christmas everyone.

  2. Carolina Wren

    This time a solitary wren perches on
    power lines that divide purple-blue sky,
    slicing rhombi, diamonds, thin rectangles,
    pushing geometry into a regular autumn
    morning. This makes you wonder how birds
    keep their feet warm in countries with no
    power, or how people survive on a hundred
    bucks a year, or where refugees go when war
    hits. Our wren flies, a speck, ever smaller
    as she finds her way. Given our superior
    brain capacity, how is it we cause misery
    across the planet while creatures so small
    live, content to take their share peacefully?

  3. I can see why Carolee dug this one. 🙂 There’s a sense of utter helplessness, horrible evil, hopelessness…and yet defiance in the face of it all. Brilliant, Friend. xxxxx

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