The curse of the half open door
reticence the mother of fear
fear the spouse of bondage
bondage an only child

Periscope to Lusitania
Madame La Guillotine to a sweet tooth
BOGOF handguns to a kindergarten
Paris one autumnal night
all worm fodder on the crumbly pages of
The Decrepit Book of Malevolence

Long since worn out ethics
as of now apathetic, out of breath
what was once squarely omnipresent
in the days following the death rattle of any war
when there is no blood left to shed
now a philosopher’s malignant tumour
irrelevant in this modern age of manmade thunder
so leave incantation aside, never magic
the resuscitation of scholars long gone
consign upon high ceilinged stepladder access
to dust ridden library shelves their works
yet never forget them, remembrance a part of the resolution
take heed of the student theorist litter
a new age dawns, as is the way of things
I see it in the young songsmiths, the young poets
I shall look and listen from my vantage point
obscured within the shadows of the ghosts of giants
The high noon sun cannot arrive too soon

“One day we shall dance again”



  1. There is a Chinese saying that one cannot make way for the new without getting rid of the old. It doesn’t apply to books, does it? One cannot have too many books!

    1. Having just heard on the radio that Trump wants to ban from entry to the US all my English chums who would wish to take their kids to Disneyland yet won’t be able to if he gets to be President because they happen to be Muslim then maybe this miniscule (in the global plan of things) piece was a bit fitting. America cannot let this man get his finger on the button…tell me they can’t!

      1. emotions are running extremely high here, Mike, but the elections are not until next November, if we have more terrorism here, I would not be surprised to see him elected. Presently, even our presidents constituents are not seeing him as a strong leader. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, I am holding on.

      2. here as well, but he is very popular among our right although he has no substantive plan to accomplish his blustering promises. even our presidents constituents view him as weak and unwilling to stand up which does not bode well for our democrates and progressives. Ah, it’s a effed up world.

      3. I found myself thinking about Trump when driving about today. Do you know on balance I prefer Putin over Trump…at least Putin has a functional brain and is not of the far right; is not a potential Hitler…mind I watch RT News (good TV station by the way) over Fox News any day of any week. A lot forget that when Putin’s lot moved into Crimea not a bullet was fired in anger and the Russian speaking populous welcomed them with open arms rather than be controlled by those who had seized power from a democratically elected leader in Ukraine (a nation the West support and now in control of a very far right wing mob)…as you say it’s a effed – I like that word – up world.

      4. The news on internal politics that I am following suggest Vladimir Putin’s hold on the country is unstable at best, his power depends on the support of a lot of plutocrats and underworld leaders. I deplore Putin’s tyranny and the “kill or die” mind set of any perceived invader, when his own agenda is to invade and occupy…hello , Europe, he’s coming that way.

        However, I’m anxious for Putin to go, regardless of the power he currently holds in Russia. The world seems like it would be a bit safer without him

      5. Oddly – aside from his homophobia which is deplorable – I rather like him. The most popular leader within his own domain of any serious nation world leaders. I sense a US news reporting bias here…I watch a lot of CNN and Fox just to keep my mind ticking over I truly believe you are not being fed the truth over there…Trump is a fine example of how untruth’s become fact by way of misleading news. Putin v Trump? Give me Putin any time…and let’s get Russia back in the fold as they were until this Ukrainian debacle blinkered western media view. Yet then again please don’t overlook that this old fool respects 100% your most valid view…any alternative would constitute bullying and that would be a wrong thing! Take care…respect

      6. It’s a while before elections are held, Hopefully clear heads will prevail. Don’t put down my homeland and I will show you the same respect. Meanwhile, don’t be quick to thumb your nose at an ally who has and would be there for you in times of trouble. We have a lot of young men in the cemetery to substantiate that. When you get that assurance from Russia then you’ve got something.

      7. I am sorry you feel that way for I have never, in part or at all dissed America…indeed was one of thousands of Brits who proudly flew your flag outside our homes in the days following 9/11 to show solidarity with the US; who remain grateful that the US intervened in WW2 thus ensuring the evil of fascism was defeated; who respect more recently the catalyst effect President Clinton had in making the peace accord a reality in Northern Ireland thus stopping the bombings in our cities and towns inflicted upon us by the IRA and in doing so prevented hundreds more killings; being so close to both France and Belgium I visit regularly the war graves and pay my due respects to the brave dead of your nation and ours in foreign fields…and more. My beef is with Trump who is even now telling lies regarding my own country
        Notwithstanding and as I concluded my previous comment in this thread…respect…although this time round I shall add ‘unreserved’ respect.

      8. Being a full blown narcissist Trump is reveling in the publicity and trash talk that is sweeping Europe, he loves it, it feeds an American trait of coming to the aide of the beleaguered as the Britains know so well.

  2. Keep on dancing. Churchill said that the U.S. always does the right thing after exhausting all other possibilities. However, the Churchills and the Roosevelts are sorely lacking. Yes, it is depressing, and yes, the people don’t look up to the task, but we will keep on dancing the good fight.

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