male politician

They lie about their mistresses
their expenses, their principles
yet when it comes to taxing ‘us’
I’m afraid they do not lie at all
Wealth tax, stealth tax, income tax
they have ‘us’ each and everyway
yet when some poor sod’s made redundant
they turn a blind eye, look away
Foreign policy in coded messages
the economy in sound bites to suit
and underlying dishonesty
more of the same of that old toot
They talk about compassion
toward the hapless refugees
yet when it comes to action
they offer false promises, no guarantees
So here is one wizard idea
from one besotted with fillies, namely me
let just gals take charge of government
for on balance I can see
A better planet for one and all
one of compassion and selfless charity
except perhaps for once a month
when they might just start World War Three!

54 thoughts on “MALE POLITICIANS

      1. Spot on! I think my wife should run the Home Office…she’s a tad to the left, cares about people yet would lock the evil away for eternity (not agreeing with the death sentence as she – and nor do I for that matter)…she wouldn’t fight those wars that are silly either. Right that’s Marissa for PM, Shirley for the Home Office…if I recall correctly you live I think in Greece so it’s Foreign Secretary for you.

  1. Is it because we have high number male politicians in history of politics to infer this and we have very few female politicians not to infer the same ?

    1. Well us chaps have had since the time we evolved to get it right and we have failed comprehensively so I agree let the gals take over 100%…they can even disenfranchise me if they want, although the missus would probably do worse than that thinking about it!

  2. Ha ha ha. I smiled widely at the last two lines. I’m not sure mendacity among politicians is better or worse depending on your sex. Perhaps if we could get whales to speak in a language understood by humans some sense might enter the debate, otherwise I prefer to read the political columns through Bells tinted glasses !

    1. ‘Bells tinted glasses’…a belter of a line! To an extent I jest with this one yet there is a tad of substance there purely in that us blokes have not done a great job save perhaps the legendary (legend of) King Arthur…and what if the gals took power in Saudi Arabia…mind that would mean they’d all have to learn to park a car!

  3. Ha, ha! Very funny Mike! In all seriousness, my mother always said that if women ruled the world there would be no war. Nice new pic, by the way. You actually look contemplative, imagine that.

    1. There is one serious side to this you know…whatever the stage of life a 100% women government, would on balance do a massively better job than blokes have done past and present. A subjective point I know yet instinctively obvious to me. Chancellor of the Exchequer for you then?

  4. I’ve blogged for quite a few years, admist the fluff, that i believe the best candidate for running a country would be a single mum with a job with 2.5 kids willing to work for 50000 to 60000 a year who balances her check book every month. *sigh* I wish.. cheers and happy holiday to you and yours, Mike! :*

    1. I believe you’ve profiled the very person, perhaps the only sort of person who should be in control for she would likely stick to instinctive human values more than the ex public schoolboy never having known the bleaker side of life that we’ve got as PM in these parts presently. Do have the most splendid Christmas and ready yourself for a position in the all gal Cabinet running the UK

    1. I think you Just Jessie should take up a newly crated position in the all gal Cabinet namely ‘Minister for Inanimate Things That Might Come to Life if Spoken to Kindly’

      1. Then you now have a position in the new all gal UK Cabinet…don’t let the power go to your head…by the way the IF IT video was a masterpiece of package technique.

      2. My head is governed by heart and hearts ain’t got heads! Thanks for enjoying and calling the video a masterpiece Mike, it was a last minute thing 🙂

      3. Dear Just Jessie, Just a swift note to thank you for the diagnosis I’ve been waiting for for years. Yours faithfully, Dave (aka Headless Twit) Heart, Hertfordshire

  5. Terrible lot them politicians.
    As much as I believe ladies might do a better job, I must say that there would still be certain issues.
    And I am not sure how absolute power and hormones will mix over a long period of time.
    Just saying.

    1. Given the centuries of male dominance to no avail in terms of making this a better world I have long since favoured a bit a girl power as our only alternative…testosterone out of the equation I guess.

    1. No I can’t…what with me being a bloke. It simply has to be an all gals Government. You can either take over from Nicola or opt for Secretary of States for Hamsters and all Other Small Hairy Beasts.

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