“So young lady you ask what will happen when the world ends?”  “Just thought you might know, you are very old, have the longest white beard, live in a cave, have a magic wand and keep a pet owl after all…and anyway Gawain suggested I visit, he says you are both sage and magician”  “Gawain … More THEN THERE IS MAGIC

Outcry as Pre-Menstrual Whitechapel Woman Cleared of Murdering ‘Whistling’ Husband With an Axe

Originally posted on The Whitechapel Whelk:
Mrs Terry poses happily for reporters after being cleared yesterday Women’s support groups were jubilant yesterday after a 38 year old London woman was allowed to walk free from court, despite being found guilty of murdering her husband, in what was described in court as: “a frenzied and sustained…


The cartography of gratification charts only a levelled landscape whereby dreams get blown around like tumbleweed mostly although at certain times of the year high summer usually those dreams take on a semblance of reality have substance become edible even   Hence in this place in that serene spell the finest restaurant Michelin stars galore … More THE SUCCUBUS


  “Crikey Dr Gloom you’ve got a face like a dropped pie matey”  “No need to get personal Landlord…you should be grateful I even bother to frequent this pig sty of a boozer what with the duff beer you serve up akin, I might add, to maiden’s water diluted with Adam’s ale”  “Touché you miserable … More THE SAD TALE OF DR GLOOM & ‘THE LOTTERY WIN’