A harras of spooked, pity please white stallions

within the seafarer’s safe haven’s curtain of stone

a biting sou’wester’s full crouch rangefinding jabs

under a cloak of incontinent grey, grey cloud

the man so tired of yuletides roost imprisonment

force fed over-indulgence, donning a new worthwhile

cashmere scarf plus a splattering of debatable gifted cologne

walks the harbour’s spine hankering to savour a winter oceans breath

one or two hardy ‘rod and line’ merchants thinking likewise

drab plumage turnstones from the frozen north on sabbatical

pitter-pottering this way and that as if bewildered masking well

their clandestine bait desires, chancers one and all


This dying light sees not The Waning Moon at war with Neon’s pretentious glare

A non-existent horizon born of Mother Nature’s irksome thoughtlessness

keeps safe the Little Corporals own Hexagon from Albion’s prying eyes

while the timeless witness White Cliffs chronicles one more day in the life


Lost in idle thought, the upon reflection flighty plight of the abiding

portrait painter unable to forgive the new era photographers theft of

his commissions, then chuckling contemplation that the closer to arriving

at Death’s hermit door the more likely one is to request something perishable

for a Christmas gift, when a ‘sorry if I made you jump’ smarting tap upon

his injured shoulder announces her ‘all wrapped up snug and warm’ arrival

a smacker on his lips, fabled ‘balancing on one leg’ bear hug, worthy sarcasm

and the exclusive eye contact only veracious lovers can know


“Now that’s what I call a Christmas kiss. Fancy a reprise?”
“Don’t mind if I do luv!”



31 thoughts on “LOST IN IDLE THOUGHT

  1. You taught me a few words in this one, thank you. ‘Mother Nature’s irksome thoughtlessness’ (I wish I knew how to use italics in comments)- a most gorgeous line amongst many. The verse itself as a body, looks mimic to the pictures wave, how beautiful.

    1. You enthused me once more Ms Shehannemoore…you’re rather good at that you know…me I haven’t a thing in my head to write about this day of gales blowing wet and windy. Still the water board type people have just told me we have used 5 times the amount of water a normal family would use since we’ve been here – which we haven’t at all…I feel a strongly worded letter laced with suitable sarcasm about me!

      1. Hell, we all get times like that Mike re enthusiasm. But for god’s sake keep up the word. It is more than good, it is brilliant. I was reading someone the literati were slavering all over yesterday and it was not a patch on you. Now you get onto the water board. Could it be that cos your place was once a b and b, they have overestimated?

      2. They claim it was from meter readings all the time thinking the property was empty…I have begun the fun and games now! Thanks for the praise by the way for it helps these dry patches…although am now mid way through a short tale of lunacy!

  2. Fabulous writing as always…hope you are healing ( the arm). The good old stand by cologne, how many scents can there possibly be? Happy New Year Mike, wishing you good health and happiness.

    1. My thanks…arm is getting worse so they tell me a steroid injection is due but not entirely sure what one is. Frustrating not being able to drive. That aside I’m as fit as a fiddle. True what you about cologne…I buy the ones I like in France but still get shedloads of indifferent stuff at Christmas. Forgive my rambling on, more importantly trust your Christmas/New Year was spot on

      1. I spent Christmas in Miami, it was nice. I have had steroid injections for carpal tunnel…piece of cake!

      2. True those White Cliffs about this place can be glorious when the sun shines…Miami still sounds better to me, more so on an English winter’s day!

      3. We are not good at much save for music…I have 10k+ tracks on my IPod a lot of it British from then and now…mind Dylan, Joni, Cohen, Guthrie, Joel, Wainwright III, even Foster the People etc. etc. from North America (that’s because I recall Joni and Cohen are Canadian), The Doors, Metallica so many…Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys a particular favourite.

      4. Love all these, esp. Cohen and Joni. There’s a guy here in Florida who has something of Jim Morrison museum and is trying to have the remains of Jim returned to his birthplace (Melborne Florida). I just heard this on the news a few days ago…I thought it the most bizarre thing! The Doors are not on my list of faves (other than Light My Fire) but I sincerely love the music that came out of England in the 60’s. I also love the Beach Boys Mike!

      5. Ah, forgot Lou Reed…how on earth did I do that…a true artist, unique and sadly missed…Pale Blue Eyes (with the Underground) a gem. Have a fine day, daylight is breaking here so I need to check to see if we are floating what with 3 days solid rain…can’t swim either so hope it’s no more than ankle deep!

      6. I adore the music of Lou Reed, he is (his music) so very soulfuo. I was just listening to Take a Walk on the Wild Side the other day. He was a wild one apparently, there was a poster of him that sold for beaucoup bucks, just a 3″ X 4″, him holding his guitar. Thanks, Mike!

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