Black Bottom wigglers raggedy trot, hungry dancer’s improvised fast kick Charleston

Broadway tap lunatics, Crazy Years of Cotton Club jazz, flaunting bobbed flappers flapping

impetuous chance encounters, the birthing of movies gods, first fridge chilled beer utopia

lustre of open top motors, wind in the hair, neck scarf Isadora’s benign hypocrisy

the unique trinity, Art Deco symmetry, delicious sex scandals, envied Stateside innovations

new found philosophy, politics gone awry, hard left, hard right, so soft the centre ground

spouting off expatriates, new pens and paint brushes, bright young things one and all

filling the gap twixt one war born of inbred blue blood sires and lacking of maternal guidance

the next of exorbitant reparations claim of the then castrated soon to be metamorphosed


Time, time, dispassionate time undo your folly, rewind, gift this human zoo another chance

never again the naked open palm salutes of the dog and pony showstoppers

let the dilettante’s party forevermore, let the altruists set the metronomes pulse



43 thoughts on “CRAZY YEARS

    1. Not at all! Just imagine being invited to a 1920’s Japanese Sumo Wrestlers night…I’d have to stuff pasta and cakes for a month then wear just a nappy…no thank you very much!

    1. Maybe I’m an old romantic yet there was a brief time in the 1920’s (not long I understand) when, in Paris especially thinkers just thought…after that it all went horribly wrong again!

    1. I feel sure you dance as an angel would Leslie. Me? Don’t go there. My wife loves to dance and gets so very angry I can’t. Why just the other day there’s me with an arm that won’t move still and her doing the ‘flapping arms dance’ in the kitchen. She says, ‘Um…let me think…um…who can’t do this…oh…just remembered’!

    1. Thank you Kirsty Grant…my team Arsenal only managed to draw with Liverpool and this is the first thing I’ve read since the match ended…it is thus you’ve cheered me up a tad. Thanks.

  1. I really love ths slice of nostalgia Mike. I adore the idea of the roaring 20’s, 30’s, etc. So full of life, carefree,for a while, it seems like a piece of cake…of course things sometimes look better from a distance. Wonderful writing! Enjoyed slipping into the noir era for a bit.

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