Letters to Kim (3) – Kim Jong-un reviewed my book on Amazon!

My good friend Lennard has access to Kim Jong-Un’s diary…even published it in book form no less…a bargain I say!

Dear Kim Jong-un,

Thank you for getting in touch. It has always been one of the main goals of my book.

In case you need reminding, you and I had a conversation on Amazon.com earlier today.

You left me a 1-star review for my book Kim Jong-un – The Super Secret Diary of a Young Dictator.

It’s not common for authors to advertize bad reviews, but seeing as this one quite obviously came from you I consider it the biggest compliment my book has gotten so far.

Let’s start by taking a look at the review you gave me:


In case you don’t have mutant vision, here’s what the review said:

“This could have benefited tremendously from editing. Enough grammar and punctuation errors that it makes it difficult to read through. Don’t waste your money on this one (just read the preview).”

Ouch, Kim! Attacking me on my grammar…

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