The cartography of gratification

charts only a levelled landscape

whereby dreams get blown around

like tumbleweed mostly

although at certain times of the year

high summer usually

those dreams take on

a semblance of reality

have substance

become edible even


Hence in this place

in that serene spell

the finest restaurant

Michelin stars galore

opens its doors


It boasts no menu

punters seeking

such delectation

must pick from the

the vat of dreams


So choose carefully

select the wrong ones

upon which to feast

then you may find

you have consumed

The Succubus

tastes sublime

yet I’ve heard tell

the most noxious of all things

swallowed whole

one will never be the same again



33 thoughts on “THE SUCCUBUS

      1. Years ago when I was at school there was one kid who had his outer clothes stitched to his underwear by his mum so that he kept warm in winter…he did stink a bit come Feb though! That’s 100% true story by the way.

      1. These days I live by Paul McCartney’s quote, ‘If it’s got a face I don’t eat it’…it is thus I still eat eggs and frankly couldn’t live without ripe smelly French cheeses much to my wife’s chagrin!

      2. *laughs* munster is one of my faves too, but my favorite French cheese is Le Châtelain Camembert… omg it’s so good. Only had it once at a cheese shop in NYC

      3. Agreed…the smelliest and most tasty one I find is the rustic (peasant cheese back in the day) Esrom…problem is my wife won’t even allow it in the fridge!

      4. *laughs* I bet it is delicious though. Never tried it… I might need to find me a cheese shop somewhere! But I doubt I could find one here in Virginia, unless I went closer to Richmond or DC.

      5. I envy you, Mike… If I could find any in VA, I would have to travel about 4 hrs. Six hrs if I went back up to NYC. I guess I will just settle for what I can get at small whole foods market in a city about 45 mins away 😉

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