Underneath the bridge of heartache the saintly take shelter In the dark tunnel of delusions white-face clowns aim to provoke There’s a Best Ragweed Hotel made up of just cardboard Where a ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ Madam comforts the broke   On the merry-go-round favoured by ‘bruise easily’ lovers The pipe organ plays cacophonous rhapsodies … More A WORLD UPSIDE DOWN


Combustible the bitter heart of the abiding cynic she who choose to migrate toward the nothingness bearing a hat bursting full of peripheral care not secrets leading a sacrificial, solitary life seated outside the threshold of the enticing black canvas upon which far-flung shimmering stars in all their naked glory are pinned for the indulgence … More LITTLE MISS ATLAS


His only regret?  Without hesitation he would answer with acerbity “Inventing the curse of time. Better it was when standstill prevailed Freeze framed existence requires no sleep, no sustenance, no swords” Yet time had been within his gift to the cosmos and whomsoever else pinned in a monotonous state of being, beholden to the conscious … More KISMET & CONCORD