Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Barefoot shoreline empty wanderings

a beach all hers save the finicky sandpipers

cliffside and far off a cacophony of gossip

lapwings sharing rumours and allegations

fanciful sun and ozone prompted imaginings

an etched yet nonsensical modus operandi

as to the perfect plan to ensnare a new lover


Fantasy ‘Plan A’ unfolds apace with footprints in the sand

“I shall have Nubian slaves wrap me up in a Persian carpet and unroll me at his feet wearing nought but a smile…it worked for Julius Caesar when Cleopatra did the self-same thing. Then again I have a dust mite allergy…um…thinks…suppose I would look rather silly standing there stark naked sneezing and eyes watering…and where would I keep my hanky? Not good and I don’t know any Nubians or Roman Emperors and only have a tatty old rug anyway” ‘Plan A’ shelved


The freshest of breezes from the sea picks up pace

its bosom buddy immigrant cumulus waves a coy hello

temperature drops sufficient to chill Miss T-shirt and Shorts

“God I’m tragic…best head back”

As ever ‘Plan B’ contingencies are few and far between

thoughts interrupted by mountain bike man ahead

nearly on top of each other, wheels lock, swerves to avoid her

comes to a cumbersome halt, misses her by a hair’s breadth


“Crikey idiot, you’ve the whole bloody beach to ride that thing on, why aim yourself at me? You could have killed me!” 

“Sorry about that, didn’t spot you ‘till the last second, thought the beach was empty” 

He gathers his composure, she collects her thoughts 

“You’re new here…just passing through?” 

“No, just purchased the Old Vicarage in the village…moved down from the smoke” 

“Alone? It’s a big old lump of a property” 

“Yes alone and true it is a bit over the top yet I need space to think…to plan my stage act” 

“What do you do for a living then if I may be so bold to ask?” 

“Mind Reader…travel all over the world” 


“Wow to you too! By the way with that allergy of yours, you need a carpet made of lab-developed synthetic blends, polyester maybe…whatever, a non-organic one that repels allergens…they roll up easily which is a bit of a bonus as well…afraid I don’t know any Nubians though” 

“How on earth do you know I have an allergy? You really telepathic then…been reading my mind…I mean everything I was just thinking?” 

“Oh yes” 

An all-knowing wink befriends the pinken glow smile she wears


24 thoughts on “OF WISHES & TELEPATHY

      1. Yes, the ever ready wipe! Because I’m the youngest in my family, My siblings used to use the back of my shirt as hanky when we were little! I’m glad they’ve outgrown it!

  1. Your artistic craft of story telling is seriously awesome. Such decorated fantasy. You make me wish I could write more than the few words per line I have fallen victim to. You have a great, unique style to admire.

    1. Very clever of you (although reading your work to be expected)…plan B is always formulated at a dash…becomes plan A and the world is fine again. It is thus you think right. Best of luck and Yours The Old Fool

      1. You’re very kind, Mike. I’m the fool. I’ve put so many plan A’s into action, arrested, along came the B plans that proved better than mine and Bob’s your auntie. Still keeping making plan A’s though. Never learn. 😉

    1. I suppose ‘awed’ could sound like ‘odd’ if one was a posh type heralding from Surrey, as in ‘How tebly awed that is’…thinks…might doe something with that!

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