Yesteryear as yesterday

Distracted fingers entwined

New love’s prerogative

Precursor to cravings fulfilment

Any time, any place, any how

Crescendo’s promise made

Crescendo’s promise kept

“Just the new-fangled micro battery to fit old chap and she’ll be as good as new…they won’t need replacing for years by the way”

Not that he had any conception of the whys and wherefores of modern science yet Harry had been true to his word and was to bring his dear Matilda back to life. Moreover, she would be even better than before, maybe immortal even though if the truth be told she couldn’t be that much better in Harry’s book for he always had her marked down as perfection its veritable self

“Please don’t think me weird…tell me you don’t”

The scientist paused for thought, “Well Harry this is, and likely will be the most unusual commission I’ve undertaken, yet in the circumstances, no I think you a shrewd, clever fellow. To have kept Matilda’s body on ice all these years waiting, praying even for technology to play catch up and to bring her back to life fulfils that misty old dream of yours I’d say” 

In his heart of hearts Harry knew the inordinate fee he was paying the scientist ensured such no doubt disingenuous civility. Besides Harry still felt weird yet duty bound to keep that promise he made Matilda in love’s first glorious flush namely that he would love and care for her to eternity and back. That she had died in her prime and that he was now an ancient old crone mattered not a jot for Harry was a man of his word when all said and done, and boy how the pair of them had cherished each other

“Ready when you are then Harry” 

“Go for it”

With that the scientist affixed the micro battery, stood back, put the reassuring palm of his hand upon Harry as best he could and waited. In the event the stay was a short one. Matilda opened her eyes, looked this way and that finally focusing on the old man long since nothing more than just a head in a glorified glass jar, shedding tears of purest joy, strategically placed as he was on her bedside table right next to her. That she did not recognize him as her lover from times gone (how could she) did not bother Harry in the least. That she cast that captivating smile of hers he remembered so well in his direction made the whole enterprise worth every penny

“Shall I turn your life support off now Harry?” Harry did but blink an affirmative. He drifted off in the hope that one day Matilda would forgive this, his final indulgence, that she would see love had afforded him no choice in the matter

Crescendo’s promise made

Crescendo’s promise kept




    1. Thank you. ‘Crescendos promise’…all the best, sometimes outrageously wild promises twixt lovers I find are made at moments when love manifests itself in one way or another. Such promises made in such circumstances are arguably the easiest to break. In hindsight perhaps ‘La petite mort’s promise’ might have worked better in that regard!

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