avant garde

Interlaced tongues sweetest tortures, and for you a crown of hawthorn

Come mornings lame duck situation, at first light a passion stillborn

Your carriage awaits full of treasures, a catalogue of what was before

Love letters returned back to sender, your key on the hook by the door

You split with a satchel of shared dreams, and a trunk full of burning desire

In your wake left a parcel of memories, and finger band of barbed wire

Those bared paintings of you in the grand hall, the place where all sinners got wed

Now hang on the walls of a bedroom, where all our spare tears once were shed

Words aimed below the belt and pulled punches, a ripped bodice, a craving that devours

Then the affirmation of stained sheets, hungover from the afterglow hours

You travelled back to the place where you came from, climbed dizzy heights just to be

Once more with your come-hither lover, and the times you say were carefree

In the white room where virgin bride’s makeup, paradise only a scissor cut away

Yet for you just a bouquet of snowflakes, that would melt lest you forgot to pray

Remember when I gave you the emerald, you said just, ‘thank you, see you around’

Then you laid claim to my heart, to my hunger, left me for dead instead of spellbound

Echoes fend for themselves after midnight, come back to deafen at the first light of day

You leave behind the one you tormented, to stand by him who you would betray



  1. Mike….. BRILLIANT. So glad I braved the freezing frigging cold to come back to the pc and get this post. Not forgetting your review. I loved this. he imagery and the language are awesome xxxx

    1. We have a small gym and when on the treadmill my son can’t understand why I exercise to Leonard Cohen so he challenged me to try and write like him…this was m stab at it (plainly not as good in part or at all to the great man himself). The thing is my son now wants to compose a melody and record me singing like him…some hope!

      1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you…what a most splendid review…my eternal thanks. I do have book 2 up and ready just waiting for Rachel who has been unwell and is now recovering from an op diamond gal that she is. I glaze over at all the complicated things you have to do to make a book a book sadly!

  2. WOW! This one’s so poignant and beautiful. I love it! And you know I love the rare occasions when you rhyme. I hope this one’s in your next book. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Shirl! ❤ xo

    1. Forget my old toot young Rachel the very fact that you read it has made my day…how the devil are you now?…been through a lot I know. All we care about is you now absent of an irksome part. Truly wonderful to hear from you on WP. Off shopping in France on Wednesday (the forecast is freezing yet sunny) wish we could take you there.

    1. I’m guessing not many will say ‘well done’ when my youngest makes me sing the melody he has written for this and records it (he tells me the chorus is a surprise and overlooks the fact that I sing like a blocked drain).

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