RED PLANET (a lyric plus song link)


Red planet take good care of me

Make it better than before

I’m tired of what we’re doing here

Just show me the door


I think I’ll take that flight; I’ll take that flight to Mars,

I’ll leave this Earth behind, won’t even wave goodbye


I know there’s no coming back

Why would I anyway?

There’s nothing left here I want

I know there’s no coming back

Why would I anyway?

There’s nothing left to say


Red planet take good care of me

Make it better than before,

I’m tired of what we’re doing here

Just show me the door


I know there’s no coming back

Why would I anyway?

The end game now is playing out

I know there’s no coming back

Why would I anyway?

Here time is running out


On Mars the wind blows hot and cold

On Mars there is no war

On Mars I’ll never have to ask

“What are we fighting for?”


Red planet take good care of me

Make it better than before

I’m tired of what we’re doing here

Just show me the door


Sometime in the future

I might look up to the sky

Back at where I came from

At a planet cold and dry


I think I’ll take that flight

I’ll take that flight to Mars

George Blamey-Steeden 2014 © all rights reserved 

My songwriter son is gradually getting both his new material and much of his old portfolio of songs on to his Soundcloud page. However, this demo didn’t make the ‘cut’ purely because it is an acoustic ballad that, in his view, doesn’t sit comfortably with his multi-layered compositions.

I love it though and think it a crime that unless I ‘get it out there’ it will spend the rest of its days on an external hard drive never to be listened to again…hence it now sits on my Soundcloud!

If you, the reader, get a chance to listen then please feel free (if you like it that is!) to share on Twitter and any other social media that you think suits.


40 thoughts on “RED PLANET (a lyric plus song link)

    1. My thanks…my lad has not that long finished at uni and is now aiming to sell his music and/or collaborate with performers who don’t write there own stuff. Best of good fortune to your son and chums.

      1. Whatever you do don’t let him take a music degree. Young George got a ‘first’ yet 157 job apps later only two ‘not interested’ replies…all the others he knew are in the same boat also…all doing jobs that aren’t really worth having. Hope your lad chooses well.

    1. Thanks…he’s a splendid bloke who at long last is sorting out his music old and new…just has to push the marketing side now…I’ll ‘learn’ him best I can!

    1. He’s a jolly fine young man as it happens Rachel. Just finding his way…it was so easy back when yet not now…my favourite of his is;

      Yet don’t worry about listening if you’re busy etc. I always have guilt about imposing things upon others!

  1. Hi Mike – listened to this and enjoyed it so much, I did a google search on your son to find more of his material he’d uploaded to soundcloud

    he’s a talented young man and I wish him lots of success but, sadly, I struggled to listen to more than 60 secs of his other work before switching off

    I am an auld codger so my opinion is of little matter but if I was his manager I would be recommending he concentrate on the melody, lyrics, and simple ‘clean’ instrumental accompaniment to his songs to gain the greatest audience support for his work rather than ‘over- produce’, ‘overly – complicate’ things !

    Focus on the song, and how best to present it rather than seeking to demonstrate how well one can utilise digital technology and I’m sure he has a promising future in the music industry !

    1. True, yet a lot of his other stuff – stuff that got him a ‘first’ at uni was Sound Art whereby samples of sound are captured, manipulated and thereafter reproduced to be performed live in a living environment or theatre. The songs of the old order are there but he needs to separate the two genres. Try;

      My favourite of the lad’s compositions. It’s not bad at all.

  2. Very talented son you have there, Mike. Of the two you’ve posted here I prefer Red Planet and have listened to it a few times trying to put my finger on why exactly it appeals more. The tune, yes, and his voice is clearer in this one. I think, though, it’s the lyrics and the mood he creates while singing them. It feels like he’s the voice of all young people, resigned at what could be lost and carries that through the whole song. But, oddly, although it feels gentle, it evokes a range of other feelings from sadness through disappointment to anger, at politics and on behalf of youth. At least, it does with me.
    The tune and the words ‘Red Planet’ are still playing in my head. I’d declare it a hit!

    1. My thanks…this should cheer him up no end. All he wants to do is make a career selling his music on to performing artists along with his sound mixing yet opportunities are few and far between…a bit of praise such as your kind words will keep his spirits up.

  3. This is beautiful. As beautiful as the earth is, there are times when all of us feel like waving good-bye to it and leaving for something better.

  4. Hello Mike,
    I tried to post this below you son’s sound track. However it seemed like they wanted be to pass through hoops to do it so here’s what I left for you son, “Nice job. Being from the States it almost has a Johnny Cash feel to it.”

    1. Hadn’t thought of Johnny Cash yet know you say it I can see it! I shall pass your kind words on to my son in the hope he has heard of said Mr Cash. I always found him an artist who, when he really nailed a number was a man at the top of his game.

  5. Hi Paul. It is good the word certainly ring true please tell him not to discard the lyrics like to hear how it sounds with music if right store for later.. Thank you for ling my poem Flying Creatures! Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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