Dusk, and a naïve, birdbrain Sun

parasol in hand, catchpenny frock

bids her disingenuous ‘have a nice night’

prances over the edge due south ever wondering

what fanciful dream slumber will deliver up


Dusk, and at the venerated owl’s first hoot

peppery Selene rubs sleepy dust away

stretches this way and that, yawns

readies herself for after dark thrills

only the impassioned Arcadian forest

can bestow, caring not that

the ‘water at the mouth’

peeping Tom moon

cannot help himself

but look on


Dusk, and a lascivious Pan

scandalous seduction in mind

fresh bib and tucker disguise

conquest long since singled out

emerald woodland bound

to the place where

Selene craves


Witching hour, a clichéd fluttering

of eyelids, wilful bedevilment

she runs and hides

hides and runs

Pan’s chase not a long one

it never is

he takes care, best he can

to undo that which need not be ripped

and rip that of little consequence


Dawn, a bleary-eyed peeping Tom moon

unaware he is an exhibitionists delight

stockpiles his ‘dark side’ secret images

takes a troubled, remorseful rest

fades into the light




    1. Cheers…not nailed this one on reflection…Shirl has given me her ‘flu’ which is left me thus far with a temperature, a bright red nose, a degree of deafness and the mood of a wounded giant jungle lion…that aside all is well…oh yes, left me pen and pad down the café and I think I wrote some good lines, a small child will have scribbled in it now!

      1. Might have nailed a good one this very day…will read back in the AM. 2 and 1/2 boxes of tissues, one splendid row as to who is the most ill, a fight over who is the fittest to empty the dish washer and a ‘why didn’t you think to put some stubby bottles of French beer in the fridge’ this day thus far…home, sweet home!

  1. I had to look up “Catchpenny” because I couldn’t recall what it meant, but once I did I realised it was just one of wonderfully illuminating words you used here. “Peeping Tom moon” is another which made me smile. A lovely vibrant and packed with undercurrents piece of verse. Well-done that man 🙂

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