Dark place malleable human clay his perfect form oh so treasured more beautiful than marble David a Renaissance masterpiece maybe no match for perishable substance is the one the callous artist has mislead the one of unadorned flesh and blood she keeps him atop fortress bastille bound, no loin cloth invulnerability the rhapsodist on a … More THE MESMERIZED POET


Swapped her cheap crucifix for a soupçon of stardust Now both saint and sinner don’t know who to trust Yet under a raw red light a price is agreed By he who is wanting and she who’s in need Her address you can find by charting the stars Reading ragged postcards, asking in bars Perpetual … More SOFT PAWN


To the all-powerful corrupt an ‘eye for an eye’ the superlative and most potent allegory to reign aside ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law’ Divine the despot whose durability is fashioned thus no guardian angels for the molested huddled masses their horror horoscope of chains constraint abiding be it at … More BEYOND REPAIR