A little while ago good fortune smiled upon me!  You see an ancient manuscript came into my possession, a gift from an old chum I had known for many years yet sadly now on his deathbed…his name? Brian Krishna, a plumber by trade.  You see Brian was the great, great, great, great, great grandson of Harry & Mavis Krishna and Harry Krishna had, back in the day, been best friends with none other than Syd Arthur, who in his latter, less mobile years (what with his passion for fast food and all that) to become better known as none other than the Buddha himself.

It is generally known far and wide that Buddha was a bit of a maestro at thinking up ‘sayings’ that reflected life, sayings that gave comfort to the lost souls, indeed sayings that would serve as quotations of inspiration to all who read them.

Moving on, it seems that Syd (aka Buddha) was none too pleased with his early work and one day in a fit of rage gave his first ever manuscript to Harry Krishna a manuscript that had since been handed down the Krishna family for generation after generation and never to be published for public consumption. Sadly, Brian passed away having never sired kids of his own hence he gave me said manuscript…and what a treasure trove I discovered it to be!

Herewith, and at the behest of the lovely Josephina Amoako ( I shall share with you just three of my favourite entries…they mean so very much to me I can tell you;

“The Miner and the Elephant Man may both work down the pits; yet when the coal runs out it is the Miner who starves while the Elephant Man always has the fairground to fall back on.”

“Woe betide the lamenting pigeon when all that is left are just crumbs upon the pavement for it knows in its very soul that there shall be even slimmer pickings on a glass greenhouse roof on a windy day”

“Is it my light bulb or the moon the moth best likes; should it be the latter then the moth should make haste and bugger off out of my bedroom for even as I write I have a swatter to hand”

If the truth be told Josephina had asked me to accept her Quote Challenge and plainly I must thank her thinking of me. As a general rule I do not accept awards and challenges yet this one, what with me being in possession of such an important historical document, is one I simply could not refuse.

So then if any of the below fancy a stab at accepting the challenge the rules laid down by Josephina

( tells me are that;

  1. Thank the one who nominated you.
  2. Post either one or three quotes a day for three days.
  3. Nominate three bloggers to participate per post.

I thus nominate the following to partake in this challenge:

The writer of delicious rhyming verse, namely the young Marissa (

The inspirational Gerry (Marathon Man) Chambers (

And, a most talented young lady from the other side of the pond, Leslie Noyes who loves her cats (

I suggest you visit Josephina’s blog to get a feel for what this challenge is really about and I beg her forgiveness!



  1. Well, thank you for thinking of me Mike. I don’t really mind the challenges so much as the awards seeing as the challenges often inspire me. The fact is, I’ve been challenged on these ‘quotes a day’ challenges before and actually accepted and used it for some sort of acceptable output although probably found it quite exhausting and much less to do it again…well, one never knows, let me put my mind to it and see.

    In other news, I found yours quite charming, and with such a irresistible quotes at your disposal, when who could resist?
    Do you know I had a shop teacher in junior high school named Harry Kirschner? No lie. I think he was responsible for such notable quotes as “I don’t care if your hands are not working properly this morning. You still need to mold the clay.”

    1. I once had a ‘friend’ who would quote Buddha morning, noon and night…drove me to distraction yet I had a little fun making up my own quotes and watching him spit feathers!

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