Sweet violin backdrop, ‘The Lark Ascending’

a dreamer’s hot air balloon climbs dizzy heights

chasing the life-blood biggest star of all

picnic hamper seafood; ice bucket bubbly

woolly jumper, cashmere scarf just in case

woven wicker cradle pied-a-terre

her forever silver ringed fingers

no mistake tweak of the blast valve

up, ever upward she reaches for the heavens

vintage extending telescope at hand, toy town

effigy Flying Scotsman, all puff and shrill whistles

sculptured thatched cottage hamlets, turmeric dyed cornfields

and there, down there under the pop up weeping willow

riverside, upon polka dot blanket her lover patiently waits


She is jarred back to stark reality

Vaughan Williams breathes no more

Miss Monotone of the Pre-Recorded Ether intrudes

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, all our lines are still busy

Please hang up and call back later or go to our website at…”

she curses a lost twenty minutes on a premium number

hisses, ‘Bollocks’

spitting feathers, gives up

heads off, late of course

to the hustle, bustle and sweaty

rush hour London Underground


21 thoughts on “TWENTY MINUTES LOST

  1. I was lost there in the clouds and picnic baskets – smelly cheese and wine included – then promptly ‘jarred back to stark reality’. Those blasted calls get on my wick. And the computer generated ones that make me get up to answer only to find no one there or some eejit selling something! If I could reach down through the phone at them….

    1. Thank you…this is partially based upon an amazing £2 grand bill I got for water supply for just a 6 month period and the ensuing telephone call/calls I made to vent my anger. Matter still not resolved thus there may be more scribblings of this ilk!

      1. Omg! You pay separately for water? Ours is included in council tax. They have a cheek charging us for the stuff considering how much we have of it pouring down for the best part of the year. No wonder you’re fuming. I hope you get it sorted, with a big apology, from a real person.

      2. I shall not bore you with the tale yet it does irk more than a little…mind every thing I do with any form of utility company always has a sting in the tail!

  2. I was just waiting to get to the point where the ants come and march away with the food or when you’re eating the cheese sandwich which has turned just a bit and the hair keeps getting in your mouth while the wind is blowing and there’s a damn fly that just won’t leave you alone. She’s better off on the subway if you ask me…but then again, I’ve always been a romantic at heart.

    1. Long, long ago when I was but 18 I was a barman in a vile, filthy pub. The landlady looked after the kitchen. She had an obnoxious poodle dog. Enter upon an end of the month pay cheque Friday a bin man who ordered a cheese sandwich. I shouted the order through to the kitchen. Unbeknownst to me the landlady had dropped the bin man’s bread buttered side down on the floor whereupon it picked up all the short, curly dog hairs. Plainly I didn’t know this had happened. I served him his sandwich. Moments later, with short, curly hairs stuck in his teeth he complained that said hairs might be human!!!! Thinking on my feet I explained they were dog hairs…his riposte, ‘Well that’s OK then’. My how times have changed!

    1. I shall go on a word hunt. I’m thinking a first shopping trip since autumn over to France…wine is required urgently as stocks are low…is a necessity, and France generally inspires me. They have a certain panache we English lack.

      1. Mmm, sounds lovely! I was just happy Bo picked up a bottle of my favorite Wisconsin blackberry wine before the snow storm hit us. Now I can warm up while watching the kids whack each other with their wee shovels in the driveway. 😉

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