To the all-powerful corrupt an ‘eye for an eye’

the superlative and most potent allegory to reign aside

‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law’

Divine the despot whose durability is fashioned thus

no guardian angels for the molested huddled masses

their horror horoscope of chains constraint abiding

be it at the hands of the mad holy or the wholly mad

absolute malevolence endures in a climate of dread


He was akin to a Lancelot, she his perhaps Guinevere

yet no Arthur of reluctant compassion to be found

in this land of sand dunes, dust storms and oasis’

shanghaied hands and robbed of sight cruel penalty

for falling in love, for the theft of a ‘spoken for’ heart

that he lives still, his oppressor’s deviant addendum


She had cauterized his wounds with St. Hubert’s Key

a cruciate relic from the last crusade put to good use

time on her side, she nursed, tended and protected

for as long as he remained within high fevers dreamland

she puzzled over nightmares that might mar his slumber


‘Blind and blind drunk a less than fortuitous discovery

unwittingly he steps over the waterfall at world’s edge

no fit state to attempt evasive action, he goes with the flow

the roar of salt water on stone below deafens his senses

costs him his equilibrium, he tumbles and nose-dives

topples, plunges until after several dazed days and nights

quite sober now, berths upon a marriage bed of rose petals

where his lover awaits, sat crossed legged, soothing his brow’


Bruised eyelids groan open, yet nothing without to perceive

tries to pinch himself into reality with left behind fingers

stark facts of a new existence strike home, masked tears

he remembers the torture that left him mutilated now, then

her sweet song, soft touch, words of comfort, her kiss of longing

wet sponge upon bare chest, the passionate pledge of timeless love


“What good a man who can neither see nor touch, bathe nor dress, serve nor receive?”

she caresses his wretched quad of disfigurations, his flawless lover’s lips

as if one and the same beauteous thing, says, “Fuck them all”


20 thoughts on “BEYOND REPAIR

      1. A stupendous little beer. It will be a French import and I hope you find it…it’s taste a blend of the French with a hint of Germanic hops! Can’t wait until this evening when I shall be allowed a small bottle or two!

      2. Yeah, just looked in amazon and nothing there but a shirt that says, “Kiss me, I’m Omer.”
        I wonder if Tesco delivers internationally? 😉

      3. Do you have a Carrefour in the US…it is a massive EU Supermarket although not in the UK? They sell St Omer beer because that’s where I buy it when in France!

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