Dark place malleable human clay

his perfect form oh so treasured

more beautiful than marble David

a Renaissance masterpiece maybe

no match for perishable substance

is the one the callous artist has mislead

the one of unadorned flesh and blood

she keeps him atop fortress bastille

bound, no loin cloth invulnerability

the rhapsodist on a wooden cross

a sculptress, she moulds, remoulds

he, her work of art that is but exhibit

upon her whim she colours his skin

tattoo’s and sliver ringed piercings

shaven head verifies Delilah’s grade

solitary confinement acquiescence

the vanquished poet lost for words

howls for him her maniacal hosanna

of penitent privation now unmasked

she chronicles his every progression

on this journey from mortal to beast

come the time she finally bores of him

upon his sinew she will no doubt feast

This, in essence, is a vague synopsis of a work of dark fiction I am penning presently. The skeleton of my tale is complete. Now I must add well-chosen words to make it whole…hoping it becomes a book before the year is out.


69 thoughts on “THE MESMERIZED POET

    1. Given my previous form in book matters – the previous one took me 4 years to write; had it proofread professionally; didn’t like the end result and in childish tantrum ‘deleted’ it (pity as some bits in hindsight were worth keeping)- all, I already know will not be plain sailing. Older and wiser I hope given a decent tail wind by deep midwinter next I will be able to say I once wrote a book! He says hopefully!

  1. “the vanquished poet lost for words
    howls for him her maniacal hosanna
    of penitent privation now unmasked” – Superb. Onwards and upwards Mike! I like the sound of this very much. *nods a great deal*.

    – esme reading it again upon the Cloud

      1. Sound advice…today is add the Post It notes to the book day…every time I think of even a minor contradiction in the story, or get a new idea it is scribbled on said Post It…hundreds of them on the wall now!

  2. Yes, you know I once tried to do that…sculpt a man to my liking. Then one day he got angry, started babbling about how he was tired of being my slave and all that…and then he just ran away. Strange, up until that point, I didn’t think he was actually a human being.

    1. I’d like to be ‘sculpt’ but she won’t have it…so unfair in my book! She’s back from Madeira tomorrow, perhaps I’ll beg once more…I’m not proud…or tired for that matter.

      1. I believe she told group of reluctant bag handlers, seeing that she was carrying bags and assisting a wayward two year old intent on aborting her mission to board the plane, in simple terms to f**k right off! Such is life.

    1. It is but a summary of what I hope will be the darkest of tales come the day it is a book…I have made good progress yet now the real work begins. I think a laptop and a garden in France for a few weeks is called for once the sun shines again…boy have we had a storm this week, they called her Tropical Storm Kathy and she found a leak in our sunroom roof! Much mopping out before the wife returns from Madeira later today.

      1. I’ve been reading about that storm! I didn’t realize you were in its path. Another blog I follow detailed a great deal of damage to his greenhouse and other property.

      2. Oh yes, it blew like I don’t know what…plus all that rain. Shirley who is flying home today tells me last night Madeira had a tornado! Guess that ‘trumps’ – Donald has ruined that word for me – our Tropical Storm Kathy!

      3. I can guess. But it needs to be a word that polite society could use. I guess we could just say something “tops” another thing. Or outdoes.

      4. By the way…I really must do an FB post on this. That little Trump v Putin for UK Prime Minister survey I was doing has now reached 53 (54 if one includes me) sample opinions. The result is still 100%!

      5. Over the weekend I think I shall. He has already had one pop at the UK saying that in London there are ‘no go areas’ controlled by Jihadists which is an untruth, just this week he called Europe ‘unsafe’ when statistically it is possible it’s safer than a US kid in school is from getting shot. Bottom line he shows no respect. I think I do, as said previous I was one of thousands, many thousands who flew your flag out front of my house and was an ‘American’ in the days after 9/11…would he do the same for us? I doubt it very much.

      6. He is ignorant of anything outside his own narrow little world. And he’s becoming worse as he realizes how many people love his views. Just sickening.

      7. I heard him on the radio in the early hours spouting off that women who have abortions should be ‘punished’ then attempt – hysterically badly – to retract that, yet still they follow. I do hope he’s lost the female vote.

      8. I was having my nails done when he made the statement. An African American woman seated one chair over went on a ten minute rant against him. I’d have applauded, but my nails weren’t dry yet.

      9. In all my years of actively following world-wide politics I find Trump’s appeal unique. How? Why? Where is he at? With the outright plain evil, Idi Amin etc. it is easy to see, a despot will always find a way yet Trump (who I declare evil) in a democracy needs support of the voting public to endorse his despotic potential (mind, Hitler did it that way at the outset of his career). I just don’t know with him.

      10. There was an interview recently at which he was speaking in front of a group veterans in my age group–late 50’s-early 70’s. They were nodding enthusiastically at everything he said. I had to wonder whether those who’d served in WWII would have seen it much differently.the generation that fought Hitler’s regime is gone. People have short memories. George Orwell knew that. I always think of Animal Farm when Trump speaks.

      11. We had a generation of far right young football hooligans over here (thankfully less so these days) who, at matches would, as Billy Bragg once wrote, ‘They salute the foes their fathers fought by putting their right hands in the air’. i.e. Nazi salute. Bragg also named them, ‘The wasted seed of the Bulldog Breed’ picking up on a Churchillian influence. At least Farage, our own piece of scum does not seemed to have the public speaking skills of Donald.

    1. My thanks…determination will hopefully see me through. I have my poetry book plus another on the way yet writing a novel is so very much more demanding; so very much harder!

      1. Can relate to that – what would we do without three or four projects going at the same time – ah, feeling alive is the main game in town 😀

    1. Cheers…worryingly dark! I am but a self-proclaimed dabbler in poetry (arguably), this book writing is hard work indeed…you writers have my greatest respect.

      1. Life is relatively easy for the poet. Get an idea, add a metaphor or two (and boy a poet can get away with murder in that regard), paint the picture hopefully revealing the point or the tale to be conveyed and 300 or so words later, voila…job done. This can take an hour sometimes a whole day, that’s all. Providing the whole thing works then bingo one has ‘nailed it’. I writer of fiction however has to play a full 5-day test match not a T20 thrash about (crap analogy I know), plus with the likes of you proper published writers, you have to meet deadlines and remain creative while doing so. And yet get there you do, notwithstanding the mix of the strangest bedfellows, namely pressure and art. You all have my greatest respect whatever chosen genre one works in.

      2. Well, since you put it that way, I do deserve to be commended and praised 😀 But seriously though, I would choose writing over any other work. I can’t even call it work, it’s much too enjoyable.

      3. True enough…although I don’t put the effort I should into it sometimes. I did that self-publishing thing with a book of poetry last year yet that was more to serve as my gravestone for when I snuff it…the grandkids and beyond would have a piece of me to read sometime. But yes, since selling up the business and quitting work back in 2008 I have spent my time writing and yes I enjoy every minute. Have the finest day.

    1. Well I failed once before, 4 years to write, 200k+ words yet the end result was not good enough. Maybe the older and wiser thing will be on my side this time. Difficult to get the mind set away from poetry/skits etc. but enjoying the challenge right now…long may it last!

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