Twixt birthing night and withering day a fire blue fleeting fugitive sundown free spirit’s very own circadian pageant a fanciful canvass upon heavenly cupola showcasing those everlasting sparkling stars they rub eyes, yawn, awaken, flaunt their stuff all this, compliments of the divine continuum a wonder lost upon the Englishman abroad boiling alive in nature’s … More THE ENGLISHMAN ABROAD


Naked belligerence and certifiable leadership consign to worthless oblivion the self-evident that a decoy bird of prey deters not the wily gull’s quest for food, more food, short-lived rest that the best of the worst regenerated predators never opt for keepsake pushover camouflage that lullabies for the condemned and other pointless activities make the powerless … More LULLABIES FOR THE CONDEMNED & OTHER POINTLESS ACTIVITIES


I’ve been an utter rotter and a scoundrel both an accomplished idiot and a fool to choose the pleasures of fresh flesh and to be so untrue to you   Of course it was always in my nature to treat you, my true lover thus for no matter how much I craved for you on … More MY SUICIDE NOTE


Take-away debatable coffee from a conglomerate thinking idly of a people’s revolution one day soon the contradiction lost on him, the butterfly thinker passes a busking accordionist, wants to be in Paris notes streetwise pigeons seem to have lost the art of flying meandering this way and that in a ‘no daffodil’s yet’ spring would … More APHRODISIACAL ART FORM

THE WAITRESS WHO WEARS ONLY SHOES – A ribald tale of espionage

1942 in Casablanca In a sleaze bar just down from Ricks Backlit on the stage are the dancers For dollars the girls perform tricks   The Vichy and the Nazi’s, all gather The Vichy, the Nazi’s at play Yet they’re unaware someone’s listening To every word that they say   Lily who serves food and … More THE WAITRESS WHO WEARS ONLY SHOES – A ribald tale of espionage