An alpha female she is not, not she, the Queen of all Ants

as young princess she flew hither and thither, far and wide

questing any winged male with a pulse from pastures new

fast, fierce copulation her fixation, a worn out death certain

no say goodbye until the next time, no one last lingering kiss

for he, her chosen one, blue collar procreator of colony new

without Old Empire bred workers, intermix tomfoolery and

Oedipal love, purgative of other species, no warped clairvoyance

not for this Queen’s new Eden offspring, her au courant clan

so wise beyond their moment, waiting on her hand and foot

knowing she cannot subsist, cannot reign supreme on her own

no decree does she issue, no Divine manipulation does she seek

her ‘no directives required’ telepathic collective brood know best




13 thoughts on “THE QUEEN OF ALL ANTS

    1. No you are, as I said previous, as pure as the driven snow. I may miss your post tomorrow as have made a last minute decision to pop over to Belgium shopping for this and that (well fizzy beer and red wine, plus smelly cheeses of course) yet will catch up on Tuesday

      1. ants are amazing actually. I mean I didn’t like in Greece where you had to keep everything in the fridge cos of them but they are so organized. You see them in action carting off a dead cricket that’s big as the giant Jack slew–to them– and you think WOW.

      2. I agree, ants are wonderfully examples of a society working in unison…almost the socialist ideal. Watching a chain of them marching along with their quarry upon there backs is a delight (proving it’s not the little bastards who invaded our kitchen the week we moved into this house of course!). Sorry I didn’t get back on this reply yesterday…had been in Belgium all day and struggled to get back home what with the time all the new security measures took to get through at the Eurotunnel!

  1. It seems being a queen is never all it’s cracked up to be. It would make an interesting story if an ant queen tried to claim the divine right of kings and rule on her own!

    1. True enough it must be the hardest thing to be queen ant…her quest to search out a new domain and mate from another colony to prevent ‘inbreeding’ certainly means ‘queen’ her most justifiable and well-earned handle. Watching ants to me is second only to watching bees. My own wife, a Celt even now still tells the bees of births and deaths…it seems if you keep news from them they go elsewhere…at least that’s what she tells me!

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