I have a vision of the future

One fading into blood red

Where all that once was living

Is disintegrating, now quite dead


Broken down by greedy excesses

Broken down, once of organic form

Broken down into carbon particles

Post the ‘call it a day’ cosmic storm


The reason oh so simple

And crystal clear to see

Omnipotent legends have upped and gone

And all that’s left behind is me


My quest to search the galaxies

Comprehend just what’s unravelled

Flip a coin at crossroad signs

Like the book says take, ‘The Road Less Travelled’


Daybreak will not untie this dream

In void’s ruins I am lost

A universe shrunk to nothing

And nothing is the cost


Of degrading matter

Seen from another star

A billion light years from the Milky Way

On a TV in a bar


The punters here they chuckle

As they watch this channel new

Commercials kick in breaking up

Planet Earth’s unholy spew


Checking out a calamity

Sipping at an ice cold beer

Marvelling at the bizarre demise

Of a once celestial sphere


For what is left is lifeless

Blood red now fades to black

Goodbye to time and memories

‘Hello’ the ghostly amnesiac



    1. President with my finger on the button? Wow! Subsidized rock concerts; full term life tariff for annoying people; amnesty for earwigs; state ownership of all public transport and utilities; guns to be replaced with pea-shooters & the Oval Office turned into my personal harem…how’s that for starters?

      1. If a successful in my quest to be President then you Leslie will be my Vice President specifically set with the duty to destroy not the Taliban but Victorian Dolls far and wide!

    1. An old one revamped quite a lot. Also I have been amiss droning on about writing book things and accepting all you help without once asking how your own book is progressing. My apologies and how is your one coming along?

  1. thank God there will still be bars in the distant future – you’ve outdone yourself here, mike – stunning verse filled with provocative themes and an elegant rhyming scheme

  2. Wow! Cosmic man. I suppose if the Earth is destroyed all that will remain of us are a few spacecraft travelling through space. No more will they have an origin. Star Trek has a lot to answer for methinks. Very very enjoyable poem Mr Steeden.

      1. The only interesting name in my family is, I think, the one from my paternal line namely ‘Eliza Mean’. I tracked her back to 1790 as a fruit picker in East Anglia and discovered she had 11 children! Some died young. We are of traveller stock on that side of the family I’ve discovered also…something to do with buying and selling horses. There you go, some boring yet true facts! I’m still jealous you have an Arthurian surname by the way.

  3. I often ponder the evolution of man, but pondering’s become forgetting’s within about 20seconds flat these-days

    1. I am told that from outer space Earth looks rather special and were it not for our species it would, I think, be rather special at ground level…or maybe without our conscious state of being it wouldn’t exist.

      1. Ah yes, sometimes I wonder – being an explorer – if you get to a point , uncover everything and then just disappear ? I feel tremendously disappeared already though

      2. A state of consciousness prevents complete disappearance I think – could be wrong though! It’s just that without awareness I’ve always taken the view that nothing exists. One of the old time philosophers went on about this…just wish I could remember his name as he expounds his point far better than I can.

      3. Yeah, your definitely onto something there. Memory is overrated, his name is best left in the forgetful bin!

    1. It is but an old poem rejigged sadly…my brain, you see hurts presently. As to the banter I am but an old fool. So splendid to hear from you though, and I should add appreciated.

      1. “my brain, you see hurts presently” – it should hurt more often say I, what a tale! You do dark so well Mike – I have my favourite lines as ever –

        “Daybreak will not untie this dream

        In void’s ruins I am lost

        A universe shrunk to nothing

        And nothing is the cost” – such finality. I always preferred a Milky Way to a Mars Bar too. *winks smiling*.

        – esme looking at the stars upon the Cloud

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