THE WAITRESS WHO WEARS ONLY SHOES – A ribald tale of espionage

shoes 2

1942 in Casablanca

In a sleaze bar just down from Ricks

Backlit on the stage are the dancers

For dollars the girls perform tricks


The Vichy and the Nazi’s, all gather

The Vichy, the Nazi’s at play

Yet they’re unaware someone’s listening

To every word that they say


Lily who serves food and cocktails

Doesn’t just hand out the booze

Lily’s the Allies own ‘sleeper’

She’s the waitress who wears only shoes


Lily plays on the bravado

Of loose tongues as drink takes its toll

She listens without really listening

Quite the most beautiful mole


I come to this place from the desert

To hear if she’s got any news

Of the German’s intentions

Of just where their navy might cruise


Through smoke rings and the sound of piano

She leans over and whispers to me

Evocative tales of their folly

In just shoes so erotic is she


After I say she should leave now

That the risk here is not worth the cost

Yet Lily just smiles and says, “No Sir

I’ll not leave till this war’s won or lost”




63 thoughts on “THE WAITRESS WHO WEARS ONLY SHOES – A ribald tale of espionage

    • It, along with the period twixt the two wars remains a source of fascination to me…still even now trying to find the street in Belgium where my dad ran out of fuel in his lorry not far from Dunkirk and spend the rest of the war banged up in Poland.

      • Oh, that’s a long story. But you’re never a bother, by the way. I’m trying to get together a blog post to catch everyone up on my saga, and then start working my way back into the blogosphere. How are you?

      • We are fine here young Rachel. The physio has more or less sorted my shoulder out following that bloody tumble down the stairs back in August! Winter has made way for spring so we’ve been having our shopping trips to France/Belgium sometimes on the boats, sometimes on through the tunnel. The house is slowly getting there…you can’t get everything perfect in an old Victorian house yet I believe if what we do looks ‘nice’…a bit artistic in a ramshackle way then that’s OK. We have to deck out our middle piece of garden (total mess at the moment) very soon so Shirl can get tons of big pots for plants; BBQ etc. The main garden at the very rear is coming into blossom at last. Yes, we are fine.
        Shirl had a week in Madeira with Portuguese Sandra who owns the café plus another girly chum staying at Sandra’s mum’s house there…a free holiday no less! I got tons of writing on a book of dark fiction I’ve given myself a year to write/finish while she was away. Thus far I’ve thrown 50 odd thousand crap words at Word so the storyline is there. It will take me an age to get the proper words right though. I have two options as to how run with the tale; one may involve a pseudonym! I’ll tell you more on an email/private message about that…would be interesting to have your thoughts! I have another book of poetry…rather pleased with it…in the locker for whenever.
        G is working about 20, sometimes a few more hours with Sandra while he tries to sort out his music, so at least he’s funding himself and keeping his ‘art’ portfolio and growing it.
        More importantly, I’d like to know or hear more about your recovery process…what’s my knackered shoulder compared to what you’ve been through? Do let us know all is OK. News Rachel, we want news!

      • I’m guessing ‘looking forward to hearing about it’ is politically incorrect yet we are concerned my chum and do want to hear how things are going.

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