Stuttgarter Platz

I’ve been an utter rotter and a scoundrel

both an accomplished idiot and a fool

to choose the pleasures of fresh flesh

and to be so untrue to you


Of course it was always in my nature

to treat you, my true lover thus

for no matter how much I craved for you

on the back burner I put ‘us’


The whores of Stuttgarter Platz

the young fillies of the Pigalle

be it in Berlin or in Gay Paree

I fed my addiction for any girl

who would dance the dance of lust for me

and fulfil my rakish need

feed me those sublime carnal pleasures

to assuage my ceaseless greed


I gambled away our fortune

in the casinos of Monte Carlo and Deauville

and I remain so painfully aware that

my cruelty left you emotionally ill


So now I feel the time is right

to fall upon my own sword

do tell the kids I loved them

and never forget you were adored


This ‘silly’ verse is one from my book, ‘Gentlemen Prefer a Pulse: Poetry with a Hint of Lunacy’ published September 2015: available by simply typing in Mike Steeden in Amazon anywhere whatever your country, or for the UK at;



41 thoughts on “MY SUICIDE NOTE

  1. That is a nice picture to go with your poem. My mother (furthest right) looks a little tired but it kept us 6 kids in smokes. My great great grandfather preferred the bangtails who frequented the many pubs in old Acton. He was quite mad but deliriously happy with it. All the very best. Kris.

    1. Well after my escapades of last evening and cursed with a slightly greater than mild hangover I just might…then again I’ve got tickets for the football. Be a shame to waste them!

  2. I’ve known one or two folks for whom these verses might be something close to their autobiography: chilling really. I was struck by the death of Tom Jones’s wife who endured a marriage not unlike the one you describe. Very well observed 🙂

  3. Well done, with a ‘hint’ of what is perhaps a true confession mixed with artistic license?

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts. Léa

    1. I adore France. Indeed am back off there again within the month! It is true I adore the female species, indeed believe the world would be a better place if the gals ruled, yet (although I have known many) am thankfully not the ‘cad’ of this poem. A lunatic loyal to the one lady. The link below is the real me;
      I see you have other blogs from your comment…are they French themed? If so then take it as read I shall follow. Best of good fortune, Lea

      1. There is much in France to capture one’s heart. I shall check out this link you sent and my other blog is basically original poetry, rants and reblog that I wanted to pass on. Bonne journée!

      2. Well I do believe I am now following said blog…think I am anyway, tend to click the wrong buttons. ‘Lifts’ are a nightmare in that regard I find.

  4. I’m with Marissa Bergen on this one…this dude is probably off to Gay Paris again being gay as in happy there;) Perhaps the woman in question should write him a reply poem:
    “Sorry to hear about your suicide
    Guess me too no longer has to hide
    You remember Brian, my handsome yoga trainer?
    Well, we did more than yoga, that’s a no brainer.
    P.S. What kids?”

    I suck at poetry;)

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