Naked belligerence and certifiable leadership consign to worthless oblivion the self-evident

that a decoy bird of prey deters not the wily gull’s quest for food, more food, short-lived rest

that the best of the worst regenerated predators never opt for keepsake pushover camouflage

that lullabies for the condemned and other pointless activities make the powerless strung out

that proposed paradise has no substance, just buy and sell subterfuge and submerged mind trickery

that there is precious little hope for the scavengers, those one’s with no coin to flick skywards

long since silenced, no voice to call ‘heads or tails’ in their ‘baby’s got no shoes’ tenanted dominion


All the time they feared for their lives the graphic threat ‘worse times ahead’ was sufficient

then came the day when no longer the rank and file cared about their own ruination, mortality

now together as one, comrades in arms, marching to the resonant drum beat of pitiless revenge

yet severed heads on spikes outside the city wall terrorize best when leavening flesh adorns skull

beware the revolutions burning desire of Promised Land, so soon a baffled ‘how so’ pipedream finale

beware the unaltered here and now, beware also the incitement of helter-skelter raw humanity

forget not the embryonic cause, stay true to ‘born with’ values, then ‘comme il faut’ victory will be




      1. That is also, tremendously awesome. I find, cooking preparation (and cooking in general) to be quite epiphany rich also!

      2. It was the turmeric that caused the contemplation. You see I like spuds with the skin on yet given the dish I was proposing to make I thought skin peeled off might give the turmeric more possibilities…how boring is that little yarn!

  1. Hm, courage and charging fearlessly towards death may be the stuff martyrs and heroes are made of, but Mike, getting through these marathon sentences with sharp alertness that makes one remember every single part and comprehend can also be classified into a kind of courage 😀 Well done

    1. Thank you. I rather feel that a ‘revolution’ inevitably has an ending nothing like the one the revolutionaries dreamed of at the outset. In that regard a revolution almost always defies Socrates Final Cause. Sad really!

  2. Is this what we can look forward to after four years of Trump? As usual, there’s never a clear line between history and present day relevance in your words. It’s uncomfortable and reassuring at the same time. Honestly, my knowledge of the English language falls short fully comprehending every layer of your work I think, but I can’t help but feel it’s a spot on kaleidoscope of humanity.

    1. Trump, as your blog (I think my blogging chum Leslie should be following you now, if not by later today) reveals has his layers of dishonesty so visible yet still manages to get supporters. Do you recall the book ‘Stupid White Men’ written by the satirist Michael Moore years back, and later his film about George W Bush. Basically it exposed Bush as the twat his was/is far and wide. American’s loved it yet it did nothing to stop Bush winning a second term. The say satire changes nothing yet it is all peaceful souls have in their armoury. Sad really.

      1. I think I read Stupid White Men a number of times…indeed, very little has changed. It’s going to be an interesting election for the entire world…and that’s putting it mildly.

      2. Just wish we could have Bernie running our Labour Party over here. His kind of socialism in a nation that does not have the long history of wars, Divine Right monarchs, peasantry and such like is lost on them yet over here, a different story. Did I mention my 51 people ‘straw poll’ around the time of my grandson’s b’day party concluded that 51 out of 51 English men and women of no extreme political persuasion would rather have Putin as PM instead of Trump over here should they be forced to pick one from just the pair of them. That rather says something I think.

      3. Well, we do live in a time where Bernie is granted some mainstream coverage, even in the US…that I suppose is something and an improvement from 4 years ago. Who knows what it’ll be 4 years from now…All we have to do is hope Trump won’t end human civilization as we know it;)

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