Milk chocolate brown eyes with dark chocolate potential

café au lait outer casing, tresses of cascading jet hair

black chiffon evening gown the ‘must have’ essential

striking a genteel pose, cross-legged in an Art Deco club chair


through a slender ivory cigarette holder

a Luxury Sobranie she elegantly smokes

red-blooded men stare open mouthed and just smoulder

for their attention she never need coax


a dream muse for the salivating Orientalist

whose paintbrush affords femme ‘not so’ fatale no blush

he would prefer it if in a harem she enlist

so he might capture her in white slavery’s first flush


pretty dreams come easy in the Tropic of Cancer

like the climate, flight of imagination has extremes

for the Ottoman Sultan she’d be belly dancer

in his sickly world bursting at its explicit seams


erotica for the erotically demented

a framed canvas that will hang in The Louvre

of beguiling zingara then and now tormented

signed by a ‘would be’ Gerome who cannot be excused


primeval instinct puts her on high guard

the drooling artist’s stare is lacking in grace

she decides this thing she should not disregard

alights from her seat, blows tobacco’s misty fumes in his face



      1. My dear wife just scoffed what was left of our Belgian chocolate without telling me…bloody cheek as I have been told I am now well and truly out of the diabetic zone…now this!

  1. I loved this one Mike. The type of lady who brings on cold showers.
    Funny thing though …. I’m sure I saw her down the chip shop last Thursday.
    All the best. Kris.

    1. Same here…used to think it would impress the gals yet one day I accidentally purchased the pastel coloured Sobranie’s (and having opened the pack plainly couldn’t throw them away) and the gals all thought me likely gay. A sad evening that was for sure!

      1. I think the black ones were the original Sobranie, they were black, yes. I seem to remember they had some sort of faux-Russian crest printed on them too.

      2. The Turkish ones were oval, smelt like camel dung yet tasted sublime with strong coffee or cold beer. Oh that I could afford, or even find them now!

      3. The one other odd thing I remember smoking were the Indian cigarettes, (beedis?) which were basically rolled up tobacco leaves tied up with a bit of thread at the end.

      4. Not done those ever. Only thing I smoked from India back in the day was illegal! I’m off to France again shortly and will take a proper look about the tobac’s methinks.

      5. In Belgium just a couple of weeks ago with wife, youngest (albeit adult) son. We came home with 3 packs of tobacco (plus copious quantities of wine, beer and smelly cheeses) that would have cost £600 in the UK. Cost me around £200, maybe a tad less there. Plus in France you can get a wine that would hit you for £5-£9 in the UK…watch what the locals are buying there, maybe £2 tops a bottle. We are getting ripped off here. Long live the EU!

      6. Certainly is. I have tried this vaping thing my sons have taken to yet it’s not the same as fine coffee and a fag outside a café people watching I find.

    1. I did rather like that opening line I must confess. ‘Dark chocolate potential’. I asked my dear wife if she had that very thing. She replied that there was some stored in the fridge but she ate it the day previous. ‘The death of a metaphor’!

    1. Thank you Nandita. I tend to use colours where possible, and always, always seek to defend the female cause. You gals should rule the world I think after the mess, over several thousand years us chaps have made of it. Nandita for world leader!

      1. You have great thoughts, Mike.
        Wowie!!! Nandita for world leader? I imagined myself with a crown, a spectre, a gown heavier than myself, and a little kitten. 😉

    1. ‘Current Affairs’ – two currants cheating on their respective partners having an illicit affair in the woods. ‘Justin Timberlake’ – a text message from husband to wife saying that he has arrived safely in a small town in Alaska…I get worse I’ll have you know…much heckling as he leaves the stage!

      1. ‘Cry me a river in Alaska, so I can catch salmon without bears’- his cautionary minds eye delivered with little, is any warning.

    1. God knows where ‘dark chocolate potential’ sprung from yet I do rather like the turn of phrase! Possibly, thinking about it, it was when my dear wife was buying shedloads of dark chocolate in a shop in Belgium last week…I think she got carried away with the choices so purchased the bloody lot!

      1. But what is wrong with a bloody lot of dark chocolate? Never too much if you ask me. It is a healthier option, and it tastes fantastic.
        That ‘turn of phrase’ is a gem.

      2. I agree dark chocolate is rather special. True tale! I thought I had been diabetic these 15 years gone. Worked my socks off to lose several tons in weight; run 12k a day everyday; high complex carb veggie diet…thin as a rake for last 14 years. Went to the new quack the other day. He says, ‘By the way you are out of the diabetic zone, you have been for the last 5 years…has no one told you?” No one had! So now I can allow myself a bit of ‘dark chocolate’ every so often! Sorry if that sounds like a boast…probably is a bit!

      3. This is a very impressive story. I am in the same shoes you had been 15 years ago, except that I have only a half-stone extra weight, but I am a very weak person when it comes to dieting. I am afraid that only cutting my throat would help me stay away from my favorite foods. Wasn’t it clever to keep you oblivious about your stabilized blood sugar? They shouldn’t have told you ever.

      4. That last point is very true…now I know it would be easy to slip back yet I won’t. I enjoy not eating anything with a face and can buy clothes and pay at the counter for regular medium size stuff not worrying that the gal at the check-out will think me a ‘fat bastard’ like the me who once wore XXL!

  2. Delightful writing Mike. I do love the term “cheek” which you and a number of my favorite british poets often use…at me. We don’t use that here but I am going to start today, I hope I don’t get beaten up. Have a wonderful day dear poet. Keep you eye on the waffles.

    1. ‘The very cheek of it’ one of my mothers favourite sayings in bus queues and shops when she thought she had been insulted! I don’t think I’ve ever had a waffle! Have the most splendid day.

      1. I’ve been meaning to comment on the lovely lady that you are cheek to cheek with. Lucky man!

      2. The poor lass put her hip out just yesterday repairing (or trying to) a wardrobe from inside the wardrobe (why?) and is now using a walking stick I once used when injured some years back.

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