a child of many fathers

in a land of foreign tongue

where no one befriends the stranger

be they babe in arms or old or young


where mongrel breed begets pedigree

though high and mighty pedigree will never admit

to its back-burner, ambiguous forbears

that its fabled blue blood is counterfeit


here where the abundant thoroughbreds

bathe in a bath tub of jenny milk

the lone traveller scours under storm clouds shower

wears hand-me-downs, never silk


a newcomer seeking a little good fortune

a fresh beginning; a crowning glory in its wake?

yet here and now benevolence forgotten

a spit of hate, no goodwill handshake


the latecomer, the au courant amalgam

is thus, was and always will be

the outsider at envy’s frosted window pane watching

the negligent native assert false purity


a child of many fathers

in a land of foreign tongue

where no one befriends the stranger

be they babe in arms or old or young



30 thoughts on “CHILD OF MANY FATHERS

      1. Our country is no better. I fear, all humanitarian issues aside, that we truly are sowing the end of our world. The children that somehow survive are going to be angry and vengeful.

  1. This is a heartbreaking situation Mike, so many innocents are suffering in ways we could probably never imagine, however, I must disagree with your statement regarding radicalization. Yes, it’s me again.

    1. The young thwarted at every crossroad are easy prey for those intent upon evil deed. ‘Tis a mindset thing I think. Yet, as ever I may well be barking up the wrong tree. And, I am glad it’s you again…you have talent.

  2. Well done Mike. I love the drawing as well. It’s a disgrace that MPs voted against reuniting these children with their families. They must be constantly in fear and fretful of what may happen to them. Who is making sure that they are kept safe? We have and & probably still have our problems with children in care being ‘looked after’. It would be best for these children to be reunited with their families asap.

    1. As I understand it some have relatives living over here, others have not a soul to care for them. So very wrong…hate it when idiots say ‘don’t let them in we are full up already’. So do they expect the genuine refugees just to roll over a die? I’m an old leftie Kate…it takes little to make my blood boil!

      1. Poor little mites. Trouble is some politicians use the word ‘immigrants’ instead of ‘refugees’ to make them sound like they want to burst the borders and come over in droves.
        Using ‘immigrant’ makes anything said about them less palatable to certain sections of the populous. Most refugees want to go home to their own country – but to be safe from being blown up, being arrested without charge and tortured or just shot in the street. If there was no war they wouldn’t be coming here.
        Governments should be trying to sort the situation out without weapons. We can’t possibly move on as a species if our answer is always war.
        With the money spent on weapons on a yearly basis, we could have free health care, education and shelter for everyone.
        We could have been on Mars twenty years ago and (re) discovered free energy for all.
        Did you know that the US spends more on arms each year than the next twenty countries on the arms list put together – and the next twenty includes China and Russia!
        Sorry about that, soap box safely put away now :0)

      2. I couldn’t agree more Kate. The Middle East has always been a cauldron yet Bush (+Blair) post 9/11 went out looking to seek revenge upon possible guilty suspects (got it all wrong mind) destroyed what little equilibrium there was and laid the foundations for what has followed. We thus were part of the cause; we thus should sort it out and if along the way that means showing a bit of compassion then it is shameful that that is the one thing we are not doing. Come the revolution!

  3. “in a land of foreign tongue

    where no one befriends the stranger”

    As with so much of your work, poetry in particular, I wonder how people will look back on lines like these, say 25-50 years from now. Wonder if it’ll still be painfully true then.

    1. ‘Befriend to stranger’ I shamefully admit is the town motto of Deal, Kent where we used to live…I hope they don’t mind me borrowing it. Bloody true though, they all talk a good game re refugees yet no bastard in power is playing that game.

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