On August 24th AD 79

My mistress and I popped out to dine

Some red wine with our veal, then after our meal

Thought our naked bodies we might intertwine


Back at home at each other’s clothes we tore

Even invented a new way to make love like never before

Yet that sooty night in Pompeii, as we got carried away

The earth moved for her and so did the floor


Illicit lovers were we

In a flash conjoined statues would be

Vesuvius’ eruption saw to that, no time for chit-chat

Now at the Museum see us interwoven for free


Still, I still thank The Gods, those miserable sods

In more ways than one as you will see,

For if our discretion of sort, had been put before Matrimonial Court

Pliny the Elder would have hung me from the nearest tree


For it was his dearest wife

Who was my elixir of life

A gal who would afford me her favours whenever

Whereas Pliny himself, not in best of good health, his leg geteth-over, he never!



  1. Every single time, I have nothing to say at the end of your writings. Please don’t take it the wrong way, they are wonderful, Mike.

      1. I don’t always entirely understand your poems i.e. what they refer to. But reading the comments clarifies a lot. And I admire your way with words. Beautiful writing.

      2. My sincere thanks Heila…I too often do not have clue what they mean. There is always a theme yet the rest…well the rest is simply thoughts given freedom, although sometimes I method act the characters involved…sends my wife mad when I stay in character though!

  2. What an excellent idea… And it could have been perfectly true, as many characters were kept still, petrified, doing daily things… and even nightly things ❤ … I love it, Mike… Sending best wishes. Aquileana 😀

    1. Must have been a pain if one had been working all day; just ordered up an after work pint in the local pub; then petrified before the glass touched one’s lips. Hardly fair!

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