never one prone to throw away a smile

when an important task was at hand

this day, she resolved, would be one

for taming memories of the recent dead

perhaps caging them out of harm’s way

somewhere dark, no cobwebs though

no spider’s webs either

a desk drawer?

lock and key?


flashback to the riverside

fast flowing, overkill banks

rattling call of the kingfisher

irksome ping from phone

ghastly the message conveyed

confirmed a long held suspicion

an atheist’s ether plea as worthless

as a devotional prayer to any Lord

yet all that she had wished for fell

within the gambit of feasible desire

‘How dysfunctional imagination can sometimes be

chasing rainbow’s end pot of fool’s gold’

a passing thought, a sombre sigh


“Take away his feet, his ears, lungs, liver and legs but let him keep his mind”

not an unreasonable lover’s appeal

yet fates chicanery

its penchant for death’s door wanderlust

as ever pictorial perfection


no fanfares for the outward bound

no champagne upon arrival




      1. I’ve had a good read of your blog over coffee this early morn and commented on a number of posts. Is it agreeable to you that I click the ‘follow’ thing?

      1. Unfortunately falls are quite common for me, even with two feet on the ground. Yesterday, could have been disastrous after feet were told to go forward, yet eyes got distracted to the right without telling them.

      2. Nah, just a fleece tracksuit, and those tennis ball stick throwers for dogs. The tracksuit was way over priced, even for a cheap, everything made in China store.

      3. We still have the ‘stick thrower’ for dogs even though poor old Skipper the Bastard Border Collie snuffed it a couple of years back…must give it to someone with a dog!

  1. Nae champagne on arrival? Well ah’m no coming to see you and Shirl .But oh I do love so many of these lines, especial the caging them out of harm’s way. Wonderful piece, Mike x

    1. I’ve run out of words though presently…time for the break I spoke of. Have been rearranging the book all week not realizing I had it on no less than 4 separate documents! Still the poetry book is done and dusted and hopefully out there next week…can’t do much with it until after France though!

      1. Put them on a message thing on FB if you want or email at does sound rather fun. No rush though as I won’t be able to market (such as I market, yet I will try this time round) until about 20th June…I know you’re very busy, maybe I could ponder over the answers to said questions in France? I have FB and Word on the bloody horrible tablet so could send them back that way. Whatever, I shall bow to your judgement and once again thank you for being so splendid.

  2. “yet all that she had wished for fell

    within the gambit of feasible desire

    ‘How dysfunctional imagination can sometimes be

    chasing rainbow’s end pot of fool’s gold’” – I do like that! ‘the gambit of feasible desire’. Brilliant. Another line reminded me of a famous poem, but I cannot remember who tis by, nor the name, which is annoying, but I am feeble of mind these days.

    – esme no full shilling upon the Cloud

      1. Mind… They say that those whose mind is well evolved will travel the universe after leaving this body and have the most fantastic experiences. Mind is a powerful tool.

    1. We overcook memorials I think. My own dead parents have no memorial, gravestone or such like. Scattered ashes in a favoured place was sufficient…aside from the fact that I scattered my mother’s into the wind and ended up looking like a zombie!

    1. Never whiskey! Like my father before me whiskey turns me into a monster! Sadly had to give it up decades ago…it was that or have my face filled in! Aside from that my most sincere thanks Sir.

      1. I shall try although the wind from the Artic blows in here in Hellfire Corner this day…thought it was meant to be summer? Best of good fortune to you.

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