SUMMER (if one could call it that) BLOGGING BREAK


France beckons once again. We are off there in a just a few days leaving this old house in the capable hands of one prone to losing front door keys.

As ever when abroad I shall have the irksome tablet thing with me yet other than dip into WP occasionally there is no prospect of me posting from said tablet as its full workings remain something of a mystery sadly.

I shall return (the French fuel blockade allowing) around the 20th June. In the meantime, best of good fortune to you all, and herewith a poem that lost its way! 


Contraband were the cigarettes, the wine and the champagne

So said the girl in the hippie hat who was quite drunk all the same

I asked her, “What can you tell me?” she said “What you want to know?”

My question, “What place has love in a universe so melancholy and shallow?”

She thought for just a moment, rolled her eyes then proclaimed

“If you don’t know the right answer then you should be ashamed

For love can be a scarecrow charmed by the carrion crows

Or an old lady taking in stray dogs the veterinary might dispose

Or a pretty girl plucking daisy petals, thinking she’s out of his earshot

Whispering to her eager self, ‘He loves me; he loves me not’

Love can even be spiteful words spoken in cruellest jest

Giving rise to a broken heart sorrow that’s so hard to divest

Yet when my glass was half empty, my own heart broken in two

I’m glad that you rescued me, shame the sight of you now makes me spew

For you on a good day on behalf of an England team could bore

Besides, what with all your bloody whinging I can’t take it anymore!”



43 thoughts on “SUMMER (if one could call it that) BLOGGING BREAK

  1. I would have probably asked her how long it takes to put her make up on in the mornings. I’m betting I might have gotten a more civil answer as well. Enjoy your break!

    1. Oddly we’ve never done The Palace of Versailles so am hoping the fuel crisis (it seems all of France is on strike presently) abates so we can pay a visit.

    1. I have packed our table tennis bats…an enjoyable game when quaffing red wine I find…that said in the supermarket queue yesterday there was, ahead of me at the checkout a rather large young mother with a not yet large, still very sweet child who I heard the mum call ‘Agatha’. Awesome moment in life no. 437. Best of luck then.

    1. So do I to an extent…although I note the house we are renting on a stud farm in France is available for a couple of weeks after we leave so maybe if there is a strike we’ll get to stay a bit longer!

      1. Crikey last time I hitch-hiked was years and years ago. From London to a gals house on the coast. Sadly upon arrival I discovered she had moved without telling me!

      2. True. The trials and tribulations of my youth are long behind me now. One day I really ought to write a book re my early failures with the fairer sex. I still laugh thinking about them.

      1. Presently I understand all of France is on strike, petrol shortages, Metro off limits, power stations shut down, regular railways no longer regular, plus floods and lighting strikes. On the plus side, wine and cheese are still available and cafes, oh cafes are still open.

      2. Lol. Of course they are – It’s France! :0) You can have discord, but by golly the wine, coffee and cheese have to still be available, otherwise – chaos!

      3. Did you know that in the Paris student riots in the 1960’s amid the vehicle burning, water cannons and general mayhem, come the stroke of noon both students and police would stop for lunch only to resume fighting again at 2pm! That is not made up by the way.

    1. Thanks. Not sure about a poem but do have a tale or two to write. The place we are renting is 300 hundred years old and built worth the vertically challenged in mind plus the world’s biggest hornet keeps breaking in!

  2. “For love can be a scarecrow charmed by the carrion crows”… those words resonated with me… I like the ironic twist on the issue… most times if it is ironic, it is true, as I see it… thanks for sharing. Great reading, Mike…
    Sending love! Aquileana 🙂

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