Discussing life with hamsters and Mike Steeden

I’ve never been interviewed by hamsters previously, though back in the day I was a rather accomplished earwig trainer.

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Not until just now! That said, when I started blogging I did write the tale of ‘Joan of Arc & Her Beloved Hamster’ regarding Joan’s heartfelt desire to get her house in order pre the burning at the stake the very next day, hence a new home for her pet hamster was required!  With hardly any ‘followers’ at the time it was largely ignored – probably for the best in hindsight!


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 In Hamsterland I have heard say

That the energy supply is ideal

For hamsters’ spin around all day

Generating electricity via their treadmill wheel

However, they ran into a problem once

Generating their power thus

For one such wheel did detach itself

Span off, hamster inside, under a number 37 bus

Eric, that was the wretched hamsters name

To the A&E was rushed

Yet there was nought…

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21 thoughts on “Discussing life with hamsters and Mike Steeden

  1. Well Mike, you should be awfully flattered. Here’s some lady who takes the time to do a whole write up about you with hamster cartoons and all. It’s like she thinks you’re an upstanding citizen or something. What did you tell her???! Congrats in any case.

  2. Well done dudes & Shey dear.Mr Steeden deserved your interview and the detailed presentation of his superb book with the eye-catching title and the sensuous cover!It’s amazing how a failure at an early age brought to surface his talent.Wishing him & you Shey every success!

    1. Me sober Sir! Never heard the like of it…I mean I returned from French France with crates and crates of a nice little tipple by the name of Jean Baptiste…wonderful with ripe, smelly cheeses.

      1. In that case I will not cancel me order fer yer book then. I feared the insanity and out of this world diatribe might be missing if you wer sober like. Hehehe!

      2. I was sober during that hot summer of 1976 and also the time I had meningitis – then again I was unconscious most of the time in both instances.

      3. Oh, that it were. Still, nothing that a bucket of St John’s Wort and an understanding of astrophysics won’t cure in a jiffy. I do hope you like the book by the way and thanks again.

      4. Oh, I had my St John’s Wort, take one every night. As soon as I work out what astrophysics are I’ll let you now mate.
        Awaiting delivery of the book from Amazon… it always make me sad when I see that word you know, it reminds me of my beloved Grizelda. Hehe! Cheers middears!

      5. Did you know St John’s Wort is on prescription only in Germany…a quite useless, yet true fact no less! Jolly fine stuff if taken early enough…when the black dog is merely barking outside; not much use when the bastard sneaks in though. Have a splendid day Sir

      6. Well I never not knew that! Morrison’s, is my choice of St Johns Wort. The black dog is unfortunately becoming a pet here. Hehe! TTFN

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