To awaken is a saddening thing

as and when the sandman’s coma flounders,

gifts the valueless gift of spontaneity,

that ordeal of wretched consciousness

in the ‘once upon a time’ land that compassion forgot


He never knew his telescope had a lens cap fitted

The man in the shop never mentioned that at all

Nevertheless, with one eye shut, the other on the lens

He could see clearly the magnified blackness of the future


“Can I have a go on your telescope mister?” the young boy asked

“Of course you can lad…here, you try…it reveals the future you wait and see”

Quizzically the young boy takes hold of the telescope

Holds it this way and that

Notes the lens cap

Removes it


“Wow, this really is something else mister. I can see right into the distance…and there, up there, the rainbow. Never seen the colours of a rainbow so clear, so big…and over there, by the bandstand there’s a bunch of lads kicking in that bloke who runs the corner shop…that’s not very nice”

“Now, now young man, do not tell fibs, there are no colours in the future. Besides, the good folk in these parts don’t kick people. Never heard the like of it!”

“Silly old twat, you had the lens cap on…you can’t see a thing with the lens cap on. How long have you lived here?”

“Born here as it happens…72 years old me”

“You don’t know much do you? Here, you can have it back now”


To awaken is a saddening thing

as and when the sandman’s coma flounders,

gifts the valueless gift of spontaneity,

that ordeal of wretched consciousness

in the ‘once upon a time’ land that compassion forgot




  1. We are experiencing difficult times. People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear and therefore they don’t have to think.
    Very nice peace.
    Shalom aleichem,

    1. My thanks Patricia…this England has gone very mad indeed. I no longer recognise the land in which I was born…am looking for pastures new. I know I am not suffering as are refugees from war torn lands, yet I feel ‘stateless’ after the vote in favour of racism last Thursday. May good fortune be upon you. Mike

  2. So many ways to look at this. Is it best to see with the lens cap and all be a clear although black future or without and see the meanness but also the colors. What an inventive way to express this dichotomy, Mike. The dialog is genuine, the poetry well crafted. I love it when a post makes me go, “Oh my, now i could read that one again – this time differently.” Thanks.

    1. Thank you LuAnne…truly appreciated. This is me merely expounding that feeling I get every morning when waking up in anger thinking ‘what’s the point’ as I find myself in a land I no longer recognise since the awful Brexit vote that has unleashed a wave of racial attacks on innocent souls perceived to be ‘foreign’ by far right thugs. Right then, I shall be moving to Mars or spontaneously combusting any minute now. Have a splendid day and my thanks once again.

      1. I hear understand your discontent. We have been feeling it a lot in the US and I keep saying that if Trump wins (OMG could that really happen?) I’ll move to Mexico. It is easier to get to than Mars, but I don’t speak Spanish – yet. Hang in there, I do trust things will swing back around.

      1. You book arrived this very day. I could be wrong, yet it seems to have been printed in Spain! As to Boris it is less ‘stepped aside’ more ‘manoeuvred aside’. Politics here presently seems as if Robert Graves himself might have penned it! I Claudius has nothing on this. Indeed, even in the streets the same could apply. Only this morning, sat outside my favourite café trying to read a newspaper in peace, a ‘leave’ chap at the next table, clearly celebrating his ‘take no prisoners’ victory was going on, on and on. At the point when he announced, ‘We stood alone and won two world wars so we can stand alone again etc. etc.’ I am afraid I had to pipe up and remind the fool that our American chums did play a rather significant part in the victory…that we were on the winning side, nothing more. That his eyes told me he wished me dead, the highlight of a wretched week. An electric storm coming in and your book to read sounds a good bet for today. Cheers Paul.

    1. I have those very same tears…sleep is my preference; waking up my torture. Crumbs that sounds a tad depressed…’Shirl, another bucket of those St John’s Wort tablets if you’d be so kind’

  3. Heart-saddening, but for good reason. The refrain comes through stronger in its echo after the child’s ignored rainbow. Damn, man…not silly verse, this, to be sure.

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