Book Review

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
“The Shop That Sells Kisses” by Mike Steeden is a dandy read. Here is the review I gave it on Amazon. This latest collection of poetry and prose-poetry by Mike Steeden is the product of a brilliantly creative mind. It is also relentlessly entertaining. His unconventional use of poetic…


False hugs and latent promises, a precursor to love? Maybe hate? She could never decide.  Yet here, in this glorified candlelit pigpen, immune from sirens, horns and streetwise revelry, the old guard are at play. Leaning on the bar, dressed to the gaudy nines (dressed to the gaudy nines to blend in, no other reason) … More CANCELLED APPOINTMENT


red sky at night racy promises seduce, offer up pizzazz come dawn’s early light no overindulged brightest star withdrawal symptoms this cloudless summers day   he ambles about her rustic garden, buttercups and daises yawn, stretch their petals the old palisade fenced perimeter a stained-dew spider web gothic cathedral basilica skyward, on the tired chimney … More NOTHING UNBLEMISHED