Mark Arian - Tutt'Art@- (2)

Sometimes, just sometimes, the intoxicated Time devil

drunk on his own success, slumps into a benighted stupor

it is upon the occasion of such seismic cracks a tsunami of memories

comes to flush out what has passed, a double-take much better than before


By plea of frozen tears, the mind’s eye gallery opens its cryptic doors

and as mayfly’s to an ominous dusk, excited habitués race here, there, everywhere

to assimilate that which has long since been archived, now dusted off, displayed


A rendezvous perhaps

two soon to be lovers

a chance encounter born of fate

oblivious as yet of the unsullied bond

twixt vivacious flesh and abiding soul

no care in the world over anything or everything

unaware of walking canes and deathbed musings

that one-day will unmask a fault in fortune’s haughty wheel

affording them a brief escape, when Time takes of its wasted rest


Twixt thus far stainless sheets those green lovers scramble to discover and invent

knowing then, forgetting now, that sometimes, just sometimes, nothing is impossible


    1. Funny what a coffee outside a café in France just yesterday provokes…I was back ‘people watching’ at last. Cheers for that Ms S…did rather like Mr Q’s poem I read last evening having had a sip or two of some of the ‘red’ (well a car full if the truth be told) we bought home. It still read just as good this morning.

      1. Aw, I will tell him. He likes your work Mike. You just needed a wee break and away from the cliff edge for a bit. I really loved this poem. it’s just lovely. Lovely.

    1. It is impossible I think to be in a place such as France and not sniff passion. The extremes from Gaelic shrug to fits of rage accepted as the norm, all forgotten by lunchtime.

      1. Did you know in the late 1960’s student riots in Paris, all morn students and gendarmerie would fight tooth and nail yet come lunchtime the riots would stop and only begin again post 2pm. A very French way of rioting!

  1. Read by pleas of frozen tears, as frozen peas, but that’s only because yesterday Wendy was talking about how she doesn’t like pea and ham soup. An interesting, and again thought provoking stream. The last line, a wonder.

    1. I only really like peas straight from the pod…when the poor little blighters get frozen then boiled the taste fades. Then again, straight from the pod in quantity does cause offensive ‘wind’ problems!

      1. yes, it is true. Both the taste fade, and the wind. I also enjoy those beans you get at sushi places.

      2. Yeah, they are a cluster of soybeans your meant to pop them out of their sleeping bag. A nice snack

      3. I eat a lot of soya in the Japanese tofu I rather like. My only concern being that too much tofu can, ‘they’ say cause a chap to change sex! Thus far it hasn’t happened.

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