cafe 4

three days away from caffeine

a revelry of symptom’s run and hide

a banality of sensibility takes hold

he craves the addled smog of instability

wants back his barbed contradictions

‘Mother Nature wears her newest gown’

Does she indeed, the silly cow

he prefers her off the shoulder number

dragged through a hedge backwards look

what good a table outside a café without the twins?

his feral nicotine pines for caffeine’s brotherly love

what good pen, paper and reverie without ghosts?

“My, you look well…looking better already”

“Mind your own business. Fuck off”

a low punch, a cheap shot

he should care yet does not




  1. It truly does effect the thought patterns that ol’ drop. I remember my last give up stint, because I did nothing worthwhile until I had a coffee, lasted a week. Goodluck!

    1. If I had to claim ‘things’ I’d fallen in love with – as opposed to people – coffee would be one of them. That’s got me thinking…I have to start of list of ‘things’…will there be a place for my purple socks with blue stars, or my handy club hammer? Thinks…

    1. Hellish difficult thing. Just returned from the café that sells sublime coffee…I watched the others sip and chat, stayed engrossed in a copy of the only newspaper to hand…that little fascist rag that is The Mail…not good for the blood pressure!

    1. A frock versus ‘dragged through the hedge backwards’…give me the latter anytime. I am missing the coffee desperately yet was afflicted thus some years back and am presuming the affliction has returned. Stress and caffeine the culprits then…stress now is still a WIP.

      1. I love that line anyway through the hedge backwards… I think my last but one heroine ended up looking like she’d been dragged backwards, forwards and backwards again. It just says it all. Listne you have got yourself stressed and despondent mr. Nothing is worth it you know. x

      2. I’ve accepted that I will never be a ‘we’ or ‘us’ ever again – not even with a bullet aimed at my dubious head. Maybe that ‘acceptance’ will work…right now my son’s new business – at last one that might actually work – is my entire focus (he wants me as his unpaid ‘back office’)…well that and looking jealously at punters down the café praise the coffee. Give it a couple of weeks and the book hopefully will also provide the diversion I need. Oh, big toe is musical again.

  2. De-caffeinated beans are as good as the real ones. The same aroma. Don’t get yourself stressed out because that eliminates all the good effects of your diet.

      1. When this affliction first hit me 14 years ago and I gave up caffeine for 6 years (true) I died a small death with every sip of de-caff. Even as an old atheist I pray that this time it won’t be 6 years…if I last that long that is!

  3. No caffeine? Sacrilege!!! I had to cut down on my coffee in years past, which helped my insomnia greatly…but I would dread having to drink decaf coffee! Tea is different, for me – I can take it with or without the extra kick, LOL

  4. The Trinity of the food groups, Coffee, French Wine (of course) and Dark Chocolate (Belgium, Dutch, Swiss…) life is to short to deprive yourself!

    1. You torture me Lea…my curse is on medical grounds…did like ‘French wines (of course)’…the land where regions matter more than grape variety. Hopefully the curse of my affliction will deminish soon.

      1. Well it is France so we may as well have the best. 🙂 Dark chocolate also has many health benefits and don’t sell coffee short. It is very helpful to those with asthma as it dilates the bronchial tubes. Now don’t you feel better?

      2. Were it the case I had asthma at this juncture then better I would feel. You see 14 years ago caffeine (in the silly large amounts I was taking) caused me difficulties…they return to haunt. That fact that you defend my favourite substance does however make me feel better…thank you Lea.

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