Getting older

My dear Shirley suffers…lack of coffee (in my case); lack of enjoyment of said substance (in hers) afflicts the both of us! So unfair.


I give a rictus smile to the bawling, mewling lump of snot in the pram. He’s cutting his first tooth and is a little upset says mummy. Well love, I am tad upset too as I’ve just paid a small fortune for this coffee and had high hopes of enjoying a little me time in the sunshine. Why don’t you take the barely amoeba along to the seafront where he can compete for noise with the shitehawks? You may not enjoy it but the rest of us will. Yours Ms Menopause. Xxx

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11 thoughts on “Getting older

      1. A point overlooked…i.e. the ‘teething one’. The new Svet works in my Sunday morning café, although (boy her coffee is sublime yet so, so strong) I’ll need to get a pass, or escape covertly. Svet won’t mind how I get there though.

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