red sky at night racy promises seduce, offer up pizzazz come dawn’s early light

no overindulged brightest star withdrawal symptoms this cloudless summers day


he ambles about her rustic garden, buttercups and daises yawn, stretch their petals

the old palisade fenced perimeter a stained-dew spider web gothic cathedral basilica

skyward, on the tired chimney stack a prancing whitest dove chances his ‘worth a try’ luck

the floozy ‘seen it all before’ Jezebel pigeon nods her ‘OK, if you must’ affirmative nod

he, her ‘never forever’ prince charming; her, his ‘one-morning stand’ tasty bit of alright

“Good luck to the both you, you’ve got it about right. Cockcrow sex, maybe a little sustenance and thinking time is all we need in this world”


back indoors, kettle on, slice in toaster, click of radios ‘on’ button

bad, sad news from his beloved La Belle France

he contemplates the mind-set of the no kiss goodbye misled

embracing suicides supposed glory; those who take ignoble death as fated

“Don’t they know that beyond this conscious realm there is naught to entice but a now and forever longest sleep blackness?” his question tossed into the ghostly paradise

no movable feast, nothing unblemished, no heaven or hell awaits the counterfeit martyr


he sheds more than a single tear

bites back his runaway bottom lip

wipes away the snot, burns his toast



  1. tears are here right now in our very mad world. your words ring a bell to what happens in our world , Just hoping it will get better and a rightful solution in the future.

    1. For all intents and purposes the world is at war I think. Just that, save for the Middle East, the enemy chooses to hide away until ready to strike. I find myself shaking this old head in search of answers even as I write.

  2. Ditto to all the above. I had not saw this photo previously – and I instantly got a tightening in my chest and hard to get my breath when I realized what it was. Oh the children…

    1. True words Sir. When evil keeps itself hidden, appearing as and when it chooses one wonders what can be done…just hope the good souls, the millions of them out there don’t suffer right wing backlash…we may as well all give up if that happens.

    1. Micro me, and macro horror. What a world we live in. By the way the dove/pigeon thing I spotted this day is true. Even checked it out on Google after the ‘event’. Should an egg come from the union it will likely never hatch, or if it does the ensuing offspring would, in the words of Del be, ‘Jaffered’; plus, normally the female pigeon seeks to kill the dove (what with her being bigger and stronger than him). That this gal was up for it rather made my day pre-news from the radio. Such is life.

    1. I’m sadly on a tablet thing presently and have not a blind clue what I’m doing…have a theory though, shall report back in the AM. By the way your puffin post I read earlier was sublime.

      1. I remember well the puffin’s of Lundy Island from my years in Devon…they seem to be everything the penguin forgot. The world at large, yes, that was it. Eye for an eye theory exposed for what it is. ‘They’ see ‘us’ killing innocents in bombing raids etc. (Iraq a good example) so ‘they’ think it’s in order to repeat the evil. Simplistic way of putting it I know). For the literal believer the decision is an easy one…to those of good faith, or decent atheists it is all so abhorrent. None of us has the answer sadly.

      2. Do you remember Iraq in the 1970s? I was a student at that time and knew a good few Iraqis and Kurds. I lost track on the history of Iraq since that time, but I remember all the discussions about politics. That was a good time for the country, but people sensed trouble in the air. Those who are seeking power use Islam as a tool, and it is a very effective tool.
        If all people loved puffins their hearts would change 🙂

      3. Bees also…my dear wife has transformed the garden in this place we moved into last year into a bee friendly spot. As to me I could watch them for hours. As to Iraq, aside from an unpleasant despot Messrs Bush & Blair have much to answer for the mess they left behind.

      4. My Son-in-law kept bees in the backyard for a couple of years, but then they suddenly had a change of heart and left. Bees love peppermint plants as I noticed.

      5. I think the Queen moves on sometimes to stop/prevent any interbreeding. Did you know folklore has it that you must tell the bees of births, deaths and marriages…otherwise another reason why they move on.

      6. I mentioned this thread to my half Cornish/half Devonian wife last evening and she, over a couple of cold beers in the garden, gave me chapter and verse, citing many examples of the benefits of talking to bees…about 90 minutes worth all told!

      7. I’d rather believe in talking to bees than to most of humans. My Granddad was a beekeeper, I learned to read with his books 🙂 And I love honey.

  3. I’m with Shey on this one. There’s so much….so much to wrap one’s head,if one can. The fact this narrator cannot…that is where we all are. Caught up in the shock, disbelief, and sorrow.

    Lovely and sad, Good Sir.

  4. Made me think of ‘The Windmills Of Your Mind’. Wheels within wheels that blow the mind. Trying to make sense of everything amid disappearing scraps of normalcy. Burnt toast, snot and terror says it all. I feel your pain, Mike, and theirs.

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