slave market

“So they all sleep with the crustaceans in Atlantis this night?”

“They do, my brother, they certainly do”

“The crabs shall feast on them and we are now rich men”


Threadbare the age-old cloak of compassion

pooled amongst just the unchosen, unlikely few

in the moulded snug lands of the ‘take it or leave it’

bloated top dogs and cold-bloodied blue collars

no call for homeland refugee labour these pampered days

of smart automation, contrivance, gadgetry and cool app

yet when the Sea of the Philistines reluctant tide delivers up

the naked, the starving, the wounded and the vanished

one and all fighting to survive where the domiciled thrive

loaded pistol facing peashooter at misty dawn inevitable

though ‘once upon a time’ Empires of polar opposite prevailed

‘once upon a time’ in the not so good old days, as in the now

mercy took an undeserved vacation to God knows where


Across the unswhept golden Sahara, Arabian Peninsula bound, travels antiquities slow coach camel train of no hope for the stolen ones; great promise for the nomad boss come journeys end Moorish bazaars. Guided only by sun, stars and without moral compass all the boss seeks from life is a good auction price for his mish-mash human bare foot, bare butt huddle bringing up the rear and a desert friendly antidote for thirst.


“The girls will fetch a good price chief”

“Yes, they should scrub up well. Did you cover up the one with yellow locks, her skin will burn otherwise?”

“I did chief, just as you asked before we set off”

 “Good, she is more than just a trinket; she is the prized jewel that will make us very rich”


The perception of an unwanted ‘migrant invasion’ of refugees

now supplants yesteryears much vaunted imported human flesh

bartered for in exchange for guineas and goats in those times long since past

as is, as was, no sunny spells for the displaced back when, today and beyond




    1. When we could ‘buy’ people we wanted all we could get; now when the suffering need us we reject than out of hand. Sometimes I wonder if life is worth living. On a happier note Shirl has got her back yard just as she wanted it.

      1. She must put her before and after shots online soon…she’s done a hell of a job, mostly singlehanded what with me being u/s on the practical front!

    1. If the truth be told Ms S, I think my mood is on the mend, health also. Writing it all down helps as you would know being not just a writer but also a writers writer. They all laugh at me yet Leonard Cohen tracks looping loudly at me in the gym have always sorted me out in the end. Her garden is looking spot on and she has more or less done it all on her Dick Malone…although I did half a dozen runs to the council tip, strange experience that was I must say. I took the view that someone must have thrown several dozen seagulls away…the question is ‘who’?

      1. Oh, something for a poem there then eh? A serial seagull killer…. Maybe even a story? A book. Oh shut up Shey. Inspector Gull. ( i got this bit in my new wip where the servant who is from Dorset way gives the name of calls the hero’s pal as Gull. In fact it is Gill as she discovers after she has made a total tit of herself. Glad your mood is on the mend. No point tail spinning. Glad your health is too. I nipped over to SHirl’s facebook there to see if she had put up any more pix of her garden. I think writing does help. I’ve been through sorrowful times and that was when I really turned to it.

  1. The British political system and a harnessed media have a lot to answer for, not least of which is the manipulation of public perception re ‘foreigners’. I include Scotland in that. What is peddled bears little or no resemblance to the truth but it suits an agenda. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, a US political system…………. It makes me tired thinking of the level of corruption all over.
    I’m equally amazed at the lack of coverage on MSM of the plight of wartorn areas while certain other clips are put on repeat for repetitive consumption to hammer home the same points. The vast majority of journalists, it seems, now must toe the line and never ask the relevant or probing questions.
    I watched a Ted talk the other day, given by one of the journalists involved in the Panama papers affair. The level of commitment to the journalists’ charter was a privilege to hear. ‘He who controls the media, controls the masses’.
    Excellent piece, Mike. There’s hope where there’s compassion and your words have that.

    1. Hope? Hope you are correct, my mood indeed health (idiot that I am) have suffered recently more than I care to admit…’hope’ is about all we have left. I recall the day after Nice, 140 (as reported somewhere unimportant) innocent souls died in Syria when the French and the US aircraft struck. I don’t recall any national or international press covering the story at all.

      1. I know. It worries me that, by disregarding these events, the media and establishment only reinforce the idea that we don’t care about all lives – only the European or American. The attempted Turkish coup is another case in point. Numbers dead just numbers.
        I hope your health improves, Mike. All things are possible when we’re fit for the task.

      2. There I days when this old pacifist wants to hit someone and when one looks about the political stage there are just so many choices of people I want (yet plainly never would in reality) to thump! I’ll included journalists not true to their cause in that also. Onwards and upwards, I note from my window several seagulls have just left an unbelievable mess upon my car (really bad, must take a photo for the FB community!)

      3. Being a pacifist myself (with latent tendencies to slap stupid) I find cursing at the TV quite therapeutic with lots of sarcy, ‘Did ye, aye?’ thrown in to take the starch out of their stuffing. Try it. ‘Did ye, aye? Good for you. Plank!’
        Couldn’t stomach them otherwise.
        Poo from the skies is meant to be lucky. Or so someone told me many years ago when I got one in the eye. Laughed when they said it, mind you.

      4. My wife is famed for talking at both TV and radio…except I suspect she swears more than most! As to poo I think the purchase of a lottery ticket might be a sound move.

    2. I sincerely admire you, Anne-Marie, and Mike, too. We have different views of the world, but not, I think, of our shared humanity. But as I’m no pacifist, just point out the bastards and I’ll gladly knock ’em down for you.

      1. Right now Paul, having just picked up on the news of the murder of the Catholic priest outside Rouen my atheism goes out the window, as does my passive approach…not for revenge, but for justice.

    1. More importantly, Rachel is that I’ve missed your wit and wisdom. As for this piece it was knocked out just the other day in a fit of ‘almost’ depression re the state of the world. You are one of the best people around young Rachel.

    1. We need a ‘good news’ channel on TV; same for radio and print. Surely there must be some good news about! Even the quack when giving me my blood test results said they were ‘satisfactory’…he just looked blank when I said, ‘What about an ‘excellent’ or a ‘very good’ at the least!

      1. Too many bad news.
        You might get upgraded from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘good’ after a couple of weeks. I am caffeine-free for years, except occasional Pepsi, and happy like a lark.
        It all will pass.

      2. I am gagging for coffee…I was on de-caff for 12 years, only the last 2 years have I risked it again…it finally got me. Powerful drug is caffeine, as I know to my cost. Hope it will pass!

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