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“The Shop That Sells Kisses” by Mike Steeden is a dandy read. Here is the review I gave it on Amazon.

This latest collection of poetry and prose-poetry by Mike Steeden is the product of a brilliantly creative mind. It is also relentlessly entertaining. His unconventional use of poetic dialogue is especially clever and highly effective. Mr Steeden brings a profound grasp of history and an unambiguous set of progressive political convictions into his satirical vignettes. With impeccable language and a keen sense of humor, he gives the reader that rarest of treats: joyful satisfaction from every page. Don’t let this book escape your attention. – Paul F. Lenzi


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14 thoughts on “Book Review

    1. Thanks must go to Paul and this is not a throwaway line…he is by far and away the finest modern day poet. Praise from Paul is like winning a medal at a drug free Olympic event.

    1. Ms S please don’t talk about ‘reviews’…I have a ‘review’ of sorts coming up Friday with a Hatti Jacques as matron lookalike and I fear for my bodily parts. Daft thing is I am now as fit as a butchers dog…did 12k in record time just today…the new Svetlana served me a special decaff this day wearing a short, tight fitting black skirt before I even offered her the job of looking after my every need.

    2. Mike, ye were just knocked low by certain stuff. Anyvay Svetlana weel geeve you glowing 5 star on amazon and hope you see theees eemposter serveeng you de-caf for vot she ees x

      1. I could murder a cup of proper coffee! Still, once these ‘better safe than sorry’ tests Shirl insists I attend are over I may just treat myself and see what happens! The blood tests last week were amusing. The gal taking the blood (an amount that would have left Dracula a tad bloated) announced that she had forgotten her reading glasses and that it would help if I could put my fingertip on the vein! Not a great start. And now as Fridays Hatti Jacques event approaches my dear family keep showing me pics from Google as to what Hatti might do to me! Horrific!

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