Once, long ago, upon a violation of a borderline and in a land of little consequence, at a time when all there was to eat was mostly last season’s dwindling stock of pickled cucumbers and red cabbage, plus sometimes, just sometimes a soupçon of stale bread, a small child either stole or rescued a mandolin. … More THE RESCUED MANDOLIN


  Come the withering seasons night-time mists in the days before fiery invention the blackness of wide open spaces conjured up bogus beliefs credible magic, stark fear and worthy legends sugared coated by the storyteller and heirs apparent the whole of history was in narrative, in those times before the wonderment of pigments and dyes … More THE STORYTELLER


Ambiguity tortures the crazy Conundrums amuse fly-by-nights One episode of doubt in a biplane A precursor to reading last rites Some squirrel away the whole truth In favour of telling white lies Yet to the devil’s own precious daughter A crucifix a fool proof disguise Wide spaces house the very best illusions Darkened rooms a … More HUMAN JIGSAW


The raw cleric dressed as diva, in the shining privacy of the night Trades in his pleated vestments, for a little black dress oh so tight In drag he feels empowered, well, more empowered than he felt before Wishes he could travel downtown, take to the glitzy dancing floor At the gallery of see-through vagabonds, … More SOCIETY IN CAMEO