society 1

The raw cleric dressed as diva, in the shining privacy of the night

Trades in his pleated vestments, for a little black dress oh so tight

In drag he feels empowered, well, more empowered than he felt before

Wishes he could travel downtown, take to the glitzy dancing floor

At the gallery of see-through vagabonds, an oil painting catches his anxious eye

The scene set, an open door prison cell, within an ‘in chains’ toughest guy

Climbing into the abstract, as those groomed of Mother Church oft times do

He exits the unlocked cell door, waves a last goodbye in a bid to start anew

On the other side of his old life, an avant-garde run riot party in full swing

The hostess, an undressed painted lady, at her feet a cowering sweetest plaything

She says she plants glass perennials, shares sacred water with the dumb priest

Fixes a dog lead to his dog collar, keeps him as her dearest, new favourite male beast

Her best friend, dressed as a circus clown, with a head full of darkest dreams

Wants the hostess as her life time roommate, yet she is falling apart at the seams

Life is born upon primordial recollection, all before that, just a vivid bland void

Yet when in love with a Don Juan lookalike, such confession makes for the paranoid

In the auditorium, as saints to an orgy, Hell’s own monster delivers his speech

Unlike the priest, he fires up an angry mob, yet never once does he deign to preach

The tribalism provoked by national anthems, troubles the thinkers who hunt alone

The ones who believe in the nothingness, the ones who would never cast first stone

The priest delves into perceived reverence, wonders where it all went so very wrong

His conclusion, as an ‘as of now’ enslaved escapee, a choir of fallen angels without a song



40 thoughts on “SOCIETY IN CAMEO

    1. I feel the same. There’s such a…it’s an overwhelming layer upon layer upon layer. It reminds me of Brother Adso’s vision in Umberto Eco’s NAME OF THE ROSE: all is hellish revely at heights most celestial.

      1. I cannot spell at Shirl has to proof read every single thing I write…a latter day dyslexic, with a son both colour blind and (best part of a grand for a full diagnosis) totally dyslexic. Woe is me to a certain extent! Not that it has a major effect on either of us…as he wakes wife from slumber to make sure no major cock ups in this reply!

      2. LOL! My husband enjoys pointing out whenever I use an nonexistent word. For example: “Do we have any conflictions on the 19th?” “Any what?” “Conflictions.” “…That is NOT a word.” “…Could be. Someday.”

      3. Tell your son I love that word–it’s going to join my house’s speech. 🙂 One favorite phrase around here is “giving the giggles” when we make each other laugh. And then there’s all the talk about pee-pee water, but that’s because of the potty training…anyway. A good morrow to you!

      4. Potty training…goodness that takes me back! I shall embarrass George later with ‘pindles’ maybe remind him of ‘bic hot’ (hot milk) and any others I can remember from days of yore.

      5. Please do! I still remember my daughter saying how much she loved the “fwamingogos” at the zoo. One of my favorite toddler terms vanishing into the past…

      6. I was an expert at running ‘tapes’ as it happens. Changing the subject, do you have access to Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo in the US. He has his Harry Hole series of books that are right up there with Ms Christie, albeit more ‘modern’ in content?

      7. My wife, in her quest for crime solution novels is a fan of Eco…can almost recite his books…to me it is just the world in grey…no parameters any more…whatever happened to the young in meaningful protest? How are you by the way?

      8. Meaningful requires thought. A steady swelling to a climax.The social media-reactionary environment demands reaction NOW, attention NOW, which means thoughtfulness goes right down the shitter.
        Ever ready David Eggers’ THE CIRCLE? It’s the kind of novel that makes you want to cut all the wires out of your life and live in a forest somewhere.
        I’m…ugh. Stressed. I have to present at my school’s literary festival next week, and I’m getting rather antsy about it. You?

      9. Interesting point re social media…taking it for granted I don’t often think about it, but yes you’re right. There is the tendency to deal with one thing at a time; one argument at a time when, if slow burn consideration were allowed to evolve complete arguments could be shredded, intellectual wars won rather than just the odd battle. As to me I think health in mind and body has been restored, only insomnia remains! Best of luck with your presentation.

  1. Oh, thank you so much for the lift, Needed it today, actually.

    I often think, if everyone could make peace with nothingness, the world would be very different. Nothingness is just as magical as somethingness.

    And your words, always great Mike, thank you. They often expand my vocabulary and mind, simultaneously.

    Have a wonderful day

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